10 Personal Finance Books Every Student Should Read

The only one of her friends who wasn’t able to afford to study abroad this semester, Sam is feeling lonely. When she picks up a babysitting job, she can’t help but connect with the children’s mother, Elisabeth. But as Sam and Elisabeth grow closer, Sam soon learns just how different from Elisabeth she really is because Elisabeth comes from a world of money, connections, and power, and Sam, well, doesn’t.

This book is another one of my personal all-time favorite reads–it’s a dive into the understanding genetics and theories of their evolution. This is a book about a young girl’s growing up, which passes through adventures, fun, and relationships with peers. She has many things to learn about, including life’s unfairness to kids, weak people, or people with a different skin color. As a result, we can see that kindness, sympathy and mutual support do not depend on your color of skin, your social status, or public opinion. This book is a part of many colleges history though it was both praised and criticized.

Who knew that he’d also be the perfect person to help her with her checklist of new experiences. Dangelico is a favorite author of mine because she writes such great slow burn romances with wonderful characters. This is one of my favorite new adult romances of hers where the heroine is not impressed by the hottie athlete, but in great, slow burn fashion – he wears her down. Bella, the student manager of the Harkness men’s hockey team, loves sex and isn’t shy about it.

Beautifully written—it won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014—it’s a perfect coming-of-age story for our times, full of hope, fear, love, anxiety, pain, and identity. There are some books that, even if you have no interest in reading, you still know about them. It is perhaps the most fantastic romance ever written in classical literature, and its timeless popularity and multiple movie adaptations are a testament to that fact.

“The Kiss of Deception” is the first book in a three-part series. This fantasy novel tells Princess Lia’s story, who is betrothed by her father against her will to a prince of a neighboring kingdom. Jude and Noah are twin brother and sister who find themselves growing distant as their lives progress and discover interests out of their limited house life. The story revolves around their struggle to find meaning and make peace with their individualities. Explore the rest of our collection of financial education resources to continue your journey to a healthy financial future.

No matter your sexual orientation, gender or place in life, it’s worth a read for the love and beauty brought forth in spite of the pain. This story combines science-fiction concepts with beautiful prose and incredible story-telling. From the perspective of Kathy, we see an idyllic private school with a dark secret. This story will change your perspective on certain ethical issues (I can’t go into detail here because of spoilers) and combines a frightening dystopia with the gorgeous nostalgia of childhood. I guarantee you’ll come to a spot in the book where you’ll either stare at the pages in shock or throw it out of the window in horror.

The story of a person who killed a man and did not feel guilty lets us see how absurd the world around us may be. If you are looking for a female-empowering fiction book, Circe by Madeline Miller is a must-read. This novel focuses on the Greek Goddess Circe and the many challenges she deals with until she becomes a powerful goddess on her own. Circe puts up with the emotional and physical abuse of family as well as the other gods/goddesses. It is a beautiful story that spans hundreds of years but proves the ability to overcome and truly find yourself.

It teaches us to appreciate friendship and people who love us, and be ready to accept the ugly truth of life. Hello, I am Muhiuddin Alam and founder of Reading and Thinking.com. I try to give you all the information related to the books in simple language. That’s xfinity internet quiz why I try to collect the best fiction and non-fiction. After starting my personal reading journey almost five years ago, I have read my fair share of incredible books and not-so-great ones. If it’s on this list, I can promise you it is worth your time.

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