According to Superstition, the Color of Your Underwear Could Determine Your Luck in 2022

You get one wish for each wave, so think up your want list before heading into the water. And in the Philippines, revelers don’t just try to eat circles — partygoers wear them, too. Polka dots are all the rage on December 31, increasing the chances for good luck in the new year.

Celebrate Reveillon, the second largest celebration after Carnival, at Belmond Copacabana Palace with front-row seats to Copacabana Beach fireworks. After dinner, there’s access to the terrace overlooking the beach, a live band, and an all-night pool party with an open bar. During Scotland’s celebration of Hogmanay, the first person who crosses a home’s threshold in the New Year should carry a gift for luck.

If you want travel to be in your future in 2019 get some suitcases ready on New Year’s Eve. Don’t pack the suitcases, however, because for this ritual they should be empty. As the clock strikes midnight, grab your bags and head out for a walk around the block under the light of the moon. The belief is that this ritual will ensure that you get to enjoy new horizons in the coming year. This act ensures that the individual enjoys good health and a long life ahead.

And around the world, aside from the parties, the fireworks and the list of resolutions, people get creative to bring good luck and prosperity in the new year. Wondering if you get any benefits for wearing multi color underwear to bring in the new year? If you want a better chance of one of these happening, what does blue underwear mean it is best to have been gifted new underwear by someone for the special occasion. So go out and buy your loved one the appropriate underwear for the new year. I’ll have to keep better track of what color underwear I’m wearing. I feel like pink or yellow are good colors to be wearing on New Year’s eve.

It’s also a great reminder that you don’t actually know what a new year might bring, or the positive experiences you may have. By the time next year’s Dec. 31 rolls around, you could be a totally different person, full of fun stories about things you haven’t yet done, with new friends you’ve yet to meet. Right now, my life feels drastically different from the end of 2020, and it definitely felt different from the end of 2019. Yellow and red underwear is for sale on a street in Mexico City, Mexico, 30 December 2015.