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Strayer University’s total enrollment is greater than 52,000 students. Seventy-four percent of the student body is female and 76 percent are people of color. The university offers career services for recently graduated students. SU helps with resumes and has an interviewing tool. Employer partnerships and a LinkedIn tool provide options to help students find jobs.

Enrollment further expanded as demand for trained accountants grew after the passage of the Revenue Act of 1913 and World War I increased the need for government clerks with office skills. During the 1930s, the college was authorized to grant collegiate degrees in accountancy by the Washington, D.C., board of education. The school founded Strayer Junior College in 1959, when it was given the right to confer two-year degrees.

Each school will maintain its own university-specific offerings, including enrollment services, financial-aid support, student support staff, and networking and career services events. Students from both institutions will have access high-speed wi-fi and a joint studying space to encourage peer networking and support. Those attending courses at one of Strayer’s campuses have access to a computer lab. They can also participate in activities and join clubs. All attendees are able to access online research databases and attend tutoring sessions. Faculty and staff also offer academic and financial guidance to students.

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In addition, military experience may count towards course credits. In 2012, a United States Senate committee reported that, as of 2010, 83 percent of Strayer’s 2,471 faculty is morgan state a good school members were employed part-time, and not required to do research. Strayer’s online segment consists of 90 full-time instructors and 847 part-time instructors.