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Direction wo travelled wo estimated it iit lilty feet to the mile. Mentary rocks in its line show only slight traces of its distnrbing action. The localities where these strata are exposed on our route.

The lecture said if God create all of things, so God is also create a crime. Einstein rj portales denies it with theoretical physics. He asked the lecture that does darkness exist.

Many lines of uplift marking tho spars and parallel ranges of the CoaHt mountains. The bed of the stream is still compoaad of aaad, but for the first time roeks are enooantered. Fid and violent, bat loses its forco as it ascends, and at a distance of thirty miles is scarcely felt. From which the river emcrgeit through a gate formed by a huge crag of vivid red rock.

The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums states their average life expectancy in U.S. zoological facilities is now about 28 to 29 years. In the zoological storage room in Cambridge, Collins’ colleague Matthew Teasdale, an archaeogeneticist, placed a small plastic box on the table and removed the lid. F we compare PDAs with cell phone, the students can do chatting on PDAs, but in cannot do on cell phone.

The focus is learner’s listening comprehension. There are five hypothesis, acquisition learning hypothesis, monitor hypothesis, natural order hypothesis, input hypothesis, and affective filter hypothesis. The approaches of listening skill are natural approach and total physical respond.

On the PowerPoint, we used some animation, pictures, template, etc. It is because we wanted to made students enjoy to saw our explanation with used it. Then, we used exercise from the internet for review material that we have given to them. In the exercise, the students must fill in the blank of the sentences.