Arnold Schwarzeneggers Arm Workout, Explained and Remixed for All Experience Levels

For instance, one superset Arnold enjoyed doing was a dumbbell press with front raise. Doing so allowed him to train the mid and front shoulders evenly . He did movements for back thickness, performed exercises to emphasize width, and finished his training with hip hinge activities to bring out the definition in his lower back.

This helps him to work the most superficial outer bicep head to its peak, placing a lot of tension on his muscles. Regardless of the technique used, Arnold always made it a point to target all the muscle fibers in his arms using the heaviest weights he could lay his hands on. Arnold gained his monstrous boulder-like shoulders by spending as much as three days a week targeting his shoulder muscles, specifically the deltoids. However, Arnold split his volume into two sessions each day; morning and afternoon. No rule details in what order these exercises are to be performed. You can choose to split your exercises down the middle or split them by their target points.

The anterior deltoid, which extends from the end of your clavicle to the top of your biceps, helps raise your arm forward and up when you’re in a standing position. Because his chest was always a strong point, his triceps were already at an advantage. More often than with biceps, he allowed his rep range to drift up to 20 per set in an effort to hyper-pump the muscle. While “The Oak” took his curls to failure, he didn’t stop there. Once he reached a sticking point, he’d use just enough momentum to keep the set going.

Arnold would do sets of 8 to 12 reps with 300 to 400 pounds on the bar. First, Arnold leveraged the wide-grip pull-up to emphasize his lats and focus on broadening his back . He did five sets, each consisting of as many reps as possible. How many calories you need to eat when following the Arnold split is highly individual. But as a general rule, you should at least eat at maintenance, if not in a surplus, so you can take full advantage of the muscle-building benefits the Arnold split offers.

While the overhead shoulder press is better if you suffer from shoulder pain, it works less of the lateral and posterior shoulder heads. Regardless, both are killer compound shoulder exercises that work multiple muscle groups in one swift press. If you’re short on time, the Arnold press is your new best friend.

Once you’re hanging steadily, stick your chest out and curve your back slightly, inhale and start by pulling your chest up towards the bar. Envision using your back muscles, not your arms to pull yourself up. Exhale when your chest taps the bar and slowly lower back down to starting position.

Isolation Don’t get help from the delts, lower back or other bodyparts when training biceps. Four exercises, sets, 45 minutes a monstrous biceps workout by nearly anyone’s standards. Lift the barbell back up until your arms are fully extended again. Pick a couple of dumbbells and stand with your back straight and the dumbbells at your side.

“Three months before a contest, I would change my arm routine completely,” says the Oak. “My goal now was to zoom in on chiseling in all the cuts and shape possible. Being that he was kickboxing equipment for home now working on a six-day double split , he’d be blasting his arms with this grueling routine three times each week. Let’s say Arnold was performing seated dumbbell overhead presses.

His good height and looks are very mush famous in the world. He worked for the legendary movie Terminator and got huge applauds for his looks and body. The Oak often did heavy overhead presses to failure, followed by upright rows and high-volume lateral raises.

Regardless of your workout plan, surrounding yourself with committed and hardworking training partners will always lead to better results. Accountability and motivation are powerful forces that drive progress. For instance, Arnie was a fan of cable exercises for his shoulders because they provided constant tension and led to excellent muscle activation. Both movements emphasized the posterior chain and allowed Arnie to develop his legs evenly . Still, a good superset consisting of wrist and reverse curls will exhaust your forearms and bring a burning sensation like none you’ve experienced before.