ATEC Baseball & Softball Pitching Machines for sale

ATEC baseballs, for example, are made with aerodynamic qualities specifically for creating an accurate flight path when shot out of a pitching machine. Lite balls are the size of a normal baseball and have three different varieties to choose from – soft lite balls, hard lite balls and Slider simulated leather balls. At Pitching Machine Stop, some of the questions we are asked most often relate to the different kinds of balls for pitching machines and what the differences are between them. HI.PER Ball Line – Machines are only one part of what creates consistent and accurate ball flight. Balls are an extremely important factor in training machine accuracy. Our High Performance (Hi.Per) line of balls have been developed with numerous proprietary aerodynamic efficiencies; designed to maximize your machine’s accuracy.

I think the biggest problem is that it is a “non-traditional” game. The game of pitching machines was created in 1877 by French inventor Charles Le Brun. It has been lobster elite liberty around for more than a century and is considered a classic. To get the ball to roll out you have to roll it around in a circle and then flip it upside down.

The rim is made to look like the rim of a sphere, which is the same shape as the white rubber ball, and the rim also has four spokes radiating out from it. You can’t even keep up with a pitcher in baseball if he is just a pitcher. And by “just a pitcher”, I mean a pitcher who throws baseballs in his front yard.

Each pitching machine’s full description includes a section that outlines the accessories and balls that can be used with that particular pitching machine. Crafted with a pair of Hi.Per aluminium discs, the R2 quickly fires balls across the field, maximizing the number of repetitions you get in practice. The high-definition ball chute provides a clear and uninterrupted view of the ball from feed to release, allowing fielding players to track ground and fly balls.

The seams on real baseballs and softballs also create an uneven surface, resulting in highly inaccurate pitches. The glue that is used in conjunction with the seams to hold the leather to the ball also becomes an issue because of the pressure that pitching machines exert on balls. Very quickly, regulation balls will become “soft” when the glue becomes broken up. This often results in the covers literally being ripped off of regulation balls when they are thrown from pitching machines. “Real” Poly Baseballs – These pitching machine baseballs are made out of heavy polyurethane.

Each ball in the Hi.Per series is the MOST accurate in its class, helping you get the most accurate Ball Flight every single time. Soft Lite Balls – are softer than the hard poly balls and travel at about 50% less speed than the hard lite balls do. This lower speed ball is ideal for developing the hand-eye coordination of younger hitters.

Our sales staff is well versed in each machine and personal experience running sports facilities and implementing these machines. From time to time you may receive a Flyer Code from us for a special promotion. Quotes – Contact us and we will provide you a formal quote for all your product needs. Let Kodiak’s team of professionals help you layout your facility, supply and install all your equipment. Enter a Program ID only if you’ve been given a special code to use when ordering to identify your order with a special purchasing group. Sign up for exclusive discounts and to learn about our newest products.