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If you’re looking to get lit at a tailgate, consider the Nightmatch Glow-in-the-Dark LED Football. Ideal for night games, this weather and waterproof football lights up when slammed to the ground and stays lilluminated in the air. Note that the football is not regulation size, and some customers report it is more of a junior size than regulation size.

Keep in mind that this target is lightweight, so it can easily be moved around, but it doesn’t collapse for transport. If you want to take it to a different tailgate location, you’ll have to disassemble it. A classic tailgate game, cornhole is easy to set up, play, and pack away. The Wild Sports NCAA set comes in a wide variety of team logos, which is an awesome way to support your favorite college football squad. Foldable legs and a handle make transport lightweight enough for one person to carry it and get the party started.

The All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback throws a perfect spiral every time in this multi-player catching and running game for football fans. Players choose from expensive bobbleheads play selection to determine running patterns before launching the foam football. The apparatus sends the football up to 25 yards for players to catch.

All of the picks featured have demonstrated durability, portability, and are appropriate for a variety of ages. “Tailgating is a tradition in which friends and family gather for food and fun games before or after a sporting event,” explains Zahn. He notes that although the idea of tailgating will usually conjure up thoughts of fall—particularly the football season, it’s a year-round activity. The washer toss game has been a staple at tailgates for decades. This easy-to-pack and easy-to-play game requires little space and gets anyone in a competitive spirit before the official game starts.

A no-frills set includes an adjustable net with sturdy and foldable legs and three official spike balls. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so any broken parts will be replaced for free. Expect to break a sweat and get physical, as this game is one of the most active in the roundup.

The sum of these plus-minuses are then converted on a 0–100 scale and produce a grade for a single game. However, a player’s season grade is not the average of the 17 grades a player receives each game. Instead, PFF credits a player’s entire body of work and longevity throughout the season. It is, therefore, possible for a player to have a higher season grade than any individual grade that a player received in any game he played in.

We love that this lightweight game is easy to transport and set up. We conducted hours of research on the best tailgate games, evaluating models on ease of transport and setup, interactive features, and multi-player capabilities. A good tailgate party provides games that people of all ages, kids and adults, can participate in, so we looked for games that catered to a broad crowd. We also considered high-energy games that foster good-spirited competition. Our top picks include the Ladder Toss from GoSports, the Robotic Quarterback from All Pro Passer, and the Rubber Horseshoe Set from Win Sports. Whether waxing nostalgic or incorporating the latest tech, tailgate games are designed to amp up the excitement on game day as players have fun in the great outdoors.

This one is a little different in the ones we have tried in the past. It comes with safety glasses, two digging tools and a little build your own Mars Perseverance Rover kit complete with wheels, antenna, and a robotic arm. Since his days at Alabama, Hurts’ passing ability has been questioned.