Black swords in Demon Slayer and other anime have deep meaning

These finely crafted swords come in different materials and levels of accuracy, both of which affect the price of the sword. Watching anime and k-dramas has been a major part of my life for np bodybuilding as long as I can remember. Working as a content writer makes me happy, and I’m excited to be working at otakukart, given the opportunity to write on the topics that excites and inspire me.

Due to its unique property, the blades are used by the Demon Slayer Corps to slay demons. After Tanjiro passed the Final Selection and joined the corps, Hotaru, a swordsmith, appeared at Urokodaki’s house to deliver Tanjiro his very own Nichirin Blade. “Protection” is also a big theme with Berserker from Fate/Zero, a “Servant” spirit and owner of the demonic, pitch-black sword Arondight. But those facts are precisely why we should have expected the young Demon Slayer’s weapon to turn black (besides the fact that the “tan” in his name is written with a character for “charcoal”).

He was able to develop some beast-like abilities after he lived his entire life in the massifs. He was always ready to challenge demons, even those stronger than him. Most Nichirin Blades have a color band that runs down the length of the blade.

These blades take on a distinct color after being drawn by their user. For still undisclosed reasons, some Demon Slayers can turn their swords red. However, by the battle with Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One, he noted that the Pillars who have awakened demon slayer marks had turned their swords red.

While the black Nichirin blade appears early in the series, it goes last in this list as much remains unknown. Though both the anime and the manga might have dropped hints, there is still no definitive explanation about these swords. From the words of the demon slayers themselves, owners of these black blades tend not to live long. On a more practical note, there is another reason why Sun Breathers may have a black blade. As we know, nichirin blades absorb sunlight, which is what kills a demon. Rengoku explains to Tanjiro whatever he knows about breathing styles and the black nichirin blade.This would make a lot of sense in Tanjiro’s case.

The blue Nichirin Blade symbolizes water, and it’s also the first Nichirin Blade we see in the series. Giyu Tomioka, the Water Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, wields a blue blade. With it, he uses his Water Breathing style, making him one of the most formidable among the Hashira. When a demon slayer’s sword turns emerald green, it usually indicates that they’ll become experts in Wind Breathing. The most prominent demon slayer who wields this sword color is the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa.

While there is no confirmation that Yoriichi has a black blade, the design and seemingly no mention of any other colour has made fans assume that he wielded a black nichirin blade after all. Rengoku gave us some valuable input on how breathing styles came to be and their connection to nichirin blades. As it stands, over a dozen different Nichirin blade colors have appeared or been referenced throughout Demon Slayer’s manga, but that’s far from all of the possible outcomes.

These marks allow wearers to color their swords in red and confer the same characteristics that hinder the regeneration of the demon. One reason that the sword’s color changes could be because swords turn red when exposed to intense heat. This is a fairly well-studied and scientifically confirmed phenomenon. When wielding the Nichirin sword is when it changes shade that best reflects the characteristics of the user and stays in that color for all time.