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I’ve tried SO many, but I come back to this one again and again since my initial bleaching disaster. It smells amazing, boasts heat protection, detangling prowess, and a ton of other benefits. It’s also so lightweight and moisturizing that it’s almost impossible to OD—even if you get a little carried away with spritzing.

So, make sure you take extra care of your hair to compensate for this. Natural and bottle blondes alike rejoiced when this low maintenance look soared in popularity a few years ago. This can be especially handy for hair which has broken from bleach. Move somewhere sunny and let the sun bleach your blonde while you sip cocktails in the sand. The infusion of brown can invigorate the rest of your hair helping in heal and grow stronger.

There are 10 hair levels, with 1 being the darkest – black, and 10 being the lightest – pale blonde. Depending on how much lift you desire, choose the ideal peroxide from the list below. You need to start conditioning your hair two weeks prior to bleaching it.

Use your brush to gather a scoop of your bleach mixture and firmly press it down onto your strands as if you were painting a thick stroke of acrylic paint with a paintbrush. You want it to be rich and thick but still spread out into an even layer. You shouldn’t need too much since the sections you’re working with are so fine. “Paint the bleach on your roots and avoid overlapping onto the blonde how to clean fuzz out of hair brush from your previous color job,” says Carhart. Some brands, like L’Oreal’s Color & Co, will offer a free consultation with a professional colorist to help you take your best step forward with at-home hair color. Even if you don’t have a trusted go-to colorist, if there’s someone you love following on Instagram, or a color brand you’re leaning towards using, send them a DM asking for advice.

But I hated the bleaching process, and my scalp hated it, too. Still, I took decent care of it with Olaplex in the shower and weekly moisturizing treatments. If I started seeing breakage, I would just cut off a few inches. When you’re super blonde, you can’t just grab a dark hair dye and pop it on. It’ll start off looking like a one-color wig and turn a muddy-green shade after a few washes. Bleaching removes each layer of color out of your hair.

Lean into warmer colors like Mindy Kaling did and go for red-toned money pieces. I look at photos of my old hair and miss it, but only enough to try out a wig for fun — not to go through broken hair again anytime soon. My bleaching disaster definitely made me more aware of how I’m taking care of my hair. That said, you should color your hair in whatever way makes you feel good, but for me, I’ve found a quiet confidence in having a hue close to my natural shade.

As seen on @aesthetic.outfitzIf you aren’t ready to commit to E-girl hairstreaks, you can easily give your hair a TikTok feel with some cute butterfly clips. As seen on @zalimelvertonFor extra E-girl points, try coloring the front of your hair a brightpink shade. It’s a statement, it’s not a simple change and it can require time and investment in your hair.

In between warm and cold, and not quite brown, this shade is suitable for anyone who wants a change from either dark, dark or light, light. But for someone with darker or warmer undertones, it might be more difficult to maintain. Thanks to its warmer undertones it is less intense than platinum, cream or ash and is easier to achieve and maintain. From brassy to ashy, platinum, dark and even strawberry there is a beautiful blonde to suit everyone. Goodbye balayage — hair frosting is the newest color trend of 2022.

Leave for 48 hours to see how your skin reacts, if during this period you notice any abnormal reactions then do not continue with the process. When you’re able to go to the salon again, Tang recommends asking your stylist for the #mydentity #myhero Collagen Treatment to help with hair elasticity, as well as an Olaplex treatment for strengthening. Section the hair into four quadrants in order to neatly apply product.