Butterfly Locs Tutorial for 2021 Cosmo’s The Braid Up

Butterfly locs are a type of dreadlock hairstyle that involves twisting two strands of hair around each other to form a rope-like strand. Before doing so, make sure that the hair is divided into two even sections. You should try this hairstyle because it is beginner friendly.

To do this, push the crochet needle under your braid base and thread a strand of water wave hair through the hook halfway or even less. This method works best color rinse for african american hair with water wave hair from FreeTress. However, there are other brands that have great products too. You can use their hair if you’re more comfortable with it.

They are a bohemian protective hairstyle which is sometimes confused with distressed locs. However, the only difference between the distressed locks and the butterfly locks are the loops that are very obvious in the latter. The butterfly locs are a protective hairstyle which celebrates curls and twists. They are very stylish and sassy, and require very little maintenance.

A little natural frizz and flyaways only make the style more textured with that signature bohemian vibe. While butterfly locs can be described as a distressed look, they’re different from distressed locs. Distressed locs have that same messy-casual look but don’t feature the characteristic curly loops that define the butterfly loc style. If you want to get your butterfly locs done professionally, you should expect to pay anywhere from $180 to $300, depending on your hair length and the style you want. That said, whether you are weighing the options of soft locs vs faux locs, this protective style is easy and simple enough to DIY from your home.

The distinguishing curly loops of butterfly locs are created by the type of hair used. The hair you use will depend on your budget and method for installing the butterfly locs. Meaning, if you are starting to gray, or looking for a new non-manipulation style, you can still get butterfly locs and look chic. If you plan to wash your hair, just remember to properly air dry or sit under a dryer to prevent hair from smelling and bacteria from growing. “Butterfly locs protect your natural hair from environmental factors that lead to breakage and damage,” says Allyson Carter, hairstylist and editor-in-chief at Hair Spies.

Filler hair will allow you to create locs exceeding your natural hair length. The only condition is that you will need to get several bundles more than for short butterfly locs. Marley hair is another option that you can use for long butterfly locs.