CamWood Hands & Speed Trainer Baseball Bat + Free Hitting Program HB Sports Inc

When following the CamWood bat strength training plan, players have reported up to a 10% increase in speed in just 6 weeks. If the camwood bats works for you and your son, by all means use them, but know it isn’t a holy grail. I like them but I can’t guarantee that they do anymore than any other weighted bat training would do. Underload and overload training are proven concepts that increase bat speed.

I emailed to get an RMA to return the bat and HB never responded. My son is a Freshman power hitter and this bat is helping him hit the inside pitches and increasing his bat speed in a larger hitting zone. Our goal is to increase the hitting zone so he will hit with power even when it is not his favorite pitch. Everyone hops on them because the concept is so simple and can definitely help a hitter, or a hitter can develop without it. Parents buy them because they believe it will give the hitter that extra edge.

Just wondering if it’s mostly a fad, or if people have seen results from swinging them. I created this 30-day camwood program for women that use camwood in their crafts to help them better understand the art of handmade jewelry and the tools needed to make art and be creative. My son used a camwood for at home tee work all season last year. He went from the 7 hole hitter to lead off by midseason on his 14u team.

All pictures with 2 bats include both the 2 hand and one hand bat. I bought this thinking it was both bats and would have been a good deal. Since it is only the hand bat, it would be quite a bit cheaper to order direct from CamWood.

Haven’t done the program but have their regular training bat. Great bat to warmup with and I will bring it to the on deck circle with 4 seam fastball grip me this spring. Back in the day, it used to be the training and sessions when you work with an instructor that gets them the money.