Can I Curl My Hair After Keratin Treatment? Brazilian Keratin Treatment

It’s only been about two weeks since I started with the leave in and gel routine. Accept that this happens, almost 90% of all readers, including me who were transitioning from a chemical treatment faced heavy hairfall and breakage. Do regular scalp massages with castor, coconut, sesame oil and have your multivitamins .

“Formaldehyde isn’t actually a single ingredient—it’s a gas that’s emitted from other chemicals being exposed to heat,” explains Kamt. “So technically, a product can say it’s formaldehyde-free, but still contain the ingredients that create the gas.” “Smoothingtreatments, on the other hand, are formaldehyde-free how to use prose hair mask and deeply permeate the cortex of your hair, rather than sit on the outside of your cuticle, to smooth your hair,” she explains. While the application process is similar, the formula isn’t as potent (formaldehyde is necessary for that flat-ironed look), but don’t expect it to straighten your hair.

For all the Lauritas in the world, eternally non-conformist, here is all the information about why it isn’t best to curl your hair after doing a keratin treatment. To be safe, you should wait at least a week after the keratin treatment before you use any of these curling methods. It is unlikely you will achieve super well-defined curls when you curl hair after a keratin treatment. Although a keratin treatment only takes around an hour to complete, it’s very important to adhere to post-treatment rules.

“Just do your research, read a ton of reviews, and talk openly with your stylist about what you do and don’t want,” says O’Connor. Keratin is a fibrous protein found naturally in the hair that acts as a protective shield against humidity . Over time, the hair loses keratin from exposure to the sun, environment, styling, and chemical services—causing porous spots to develop . You’ve probably heard of this trendy treatment, but do your research before investing in something like this. We’ve gathered all of the information you’ll need to decide if keratin treatment for curly hair is right for you. Read on if you are planning to get keratin treatment for your curly hair.

Because of all of this, you can curl your hair with keratin, but it isn’t a good idea. The third reason was that after curling the hair, she felt the need to wash her hair more often, which makes the keratin fade faster. If you cut your curls, the only thing you get is increased volume fo the hair, and it will go back to being unmanageable. A keratin treatment can cost from anything between $100-$500 at a salon. Similarly to the Brazilian method, keratin is applied to hair, blow-dried and then the hair is straightened.