Can You Perm and Dye Your Hair on the Same Day? Answered

There are guides available to help you choose the correct size and type of rod according to your circumstances. It is almost impossible to perm your hair evenly by yourself. A perm buddy should be someone reliable you can trust and who is willing to help with this.

Although not as dangerous as perming overly bleached and highlighted hair, if your hair is colored, you may want to give more thought to a perm. It will be in your best interest to allow two to three weeks before and after your perm to color your hair. Also, keep in mind that a perm will likely lighten your color. Although perming colored and bleached hair is not dangerous, it is not recommended. It is because your hair has already gone through a chemical process. Exposing it to multiple chemical processes may alter the hair structure, causing cuticle breakage, split ends, and frizzy hair.

These all have the potential to leave a coating around the hair which can interfere with the chemical process of the perm. You could be left with lifeless curls lacking in bounce. During the process of a perm, your hair will be exposed to chemicals and high heat for a few hours- this has the potential to wreak havoc with your mane.

It smells truly incredible, so massage it in and sit back for 30 minutes before jumping in the shower. You can also go for hair spa what hair do u need for butterfly locs sessions twice a month to add extra nourishment. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any oil and dirt residue.

Some treatments to avoid once you have decided to get a perm are henna color, herbal hair treatment, and a keratin treatment. It is not advisable to perm and color your hair on the same day. The processes are not compatible and will possibly result in a disappointing outcome for both. You may be pressed for time and keen to have your hair permed and dyed.

But if you’re still game to perm your bleached hair, nothing’s there to stop you. Split ends and overprocessed hair go hand in hand. If you decide to perm your bleached hair, you could end up with a ton of split ends.

This solution is applied toward the end of the perming process. It rebonds hair and brings its pH level back to normal, finishing the curl-setting procedure. Your dedication to perm maintenance also plays a role.