Cherry angioma causes, symptoms, diagnosis & cherry angioma treatment

The blood vessels are destroyed and the angioma is scraped off. Spider angiomas are another name for spider veins, a collection of small, dilated arterioles or blood vessels, that cluster near the skin’s surface. The cluster appears web-like, with a center and radiating vessels.

Cherry angiomas are typically small, bright red, and circular or oval-shaped, ranging between the size of a pinpoint to up to a quarter-inch in diameter. They typically are found on your torso, arms, legs, or shoulders. While angiomas are typically not a threat to your health, we understand the importance of smooth and clear skin.

In view of female preponderance and progression of lesions in pregnancy, raised levels of estrogens have been postulated in the etiology. The role of hormonal stimuli has been refuted by the absence of estrogen-progesterone receptor stimulation. It has been proposed to represent a nevoid vascular malformation or a vascular neoplasm.

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