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On my concrete driveway there is some 6 to 8 square foot loose peices i been driving over them for years they have not broken into smaller chunks. They have dropped 2 inches and rock a little bit when you drove over it…and its on a slope so not looking for level but brought up so its even with the rest of driveway. We can work on sidewalks between buildings and driveways that are next to one another in a condo, duplex, or apartment complex. I am really pleased with the work Concrete Raising Systems has done. I have a three car garage and my driveway had sunken 4-5” and it is now as level as it could be. Having them fix my driveway was a lot cheaper than tearing it out and replacing it.

Mudjacking typically costs half as much as replacing a concrete slab and can be done in hours. Unless you concrete slab is too damaged to mudjack it, there is no need to replace. The mudjacking process typically only takes a few hours, and you can use the slab immediately after it has been leveled. Polyjacking is installed by drilling a small 5/8″ hole into the concrete and injecting the polyurethane foam. Because Pro Foundation Technology offers both mudjacking and polyjacking, you have more concrete repair options than other companies that offer concrete leveling. Pro Foundation Technology also offers a great alternative to mudjacking.

Schedule your free concrete leveling estimate today. Mudjacking is a well-known solution for lifting uneven concrete back to level. However, mudjacking has several drawbacks compared to PolyLevel® concrete lifting foam. The major disadvantages bajo efecto del alcohol lyrics of using mudjacking or slab jacking to repair sunken concrete in Kansas City are that it’s messy, disruptive, and doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Concrete surfaces and their underlying foundation deteriorate over time.

Not only were Khaleise , Jerry and Jason courteous, prompt and professional, but they went above and beyond when working on a patio slab with some obstacles involved. I enjoyed how easy it was to work with all of them and appreciate how they went the extra mile. Highly recommend and happy with how the patio looks. The crew was on time, courteous, and kept me informed of difficulties and expectations of the work being done. The project was kept on the price estimate, and I’d have no qualms about recommending PolyMagic to anyone needing this type of work. Very happy with the polyjacking job performed by Jerry and Spencer.

They were punctual, professional, competent and friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services. In short, we drill small holes strategically in the slab that needs to be lifted and pump concrete mud beneath the slab until it is the proper height. Here is a short video showing the mudjacking process. When it comes to mudjacking services, most people like to point out the fact that this process is one of many different ways to repair concrete.

Whether your concrete is cracking, dropping, uneven or posing a trip hazard, PolyMagic has the expertise to assess the situation and provide the most effective and cost-efficient solution. If the repair is beyond the scope of polyjacking, we are equipped to provide a new concrete flatwork solution. If you’re looking for concrete repair in Kansas City, Kansas you’ve come to the right place. PolyLevel® is a trusted and proven concrete leveling and lifting solution. It’s a superior alternative to traditional mudjacking for raising sunken concrete patios, driveways, pool decks, walkways, and many types of concrete surfaces.

If your driveway for example, slants towards your garage, water may run toward the garage causing expensive rotting or mold issues. These water issues can be even worse if the grade is sloping toward your foundation, leading to water in your basement or foundation stability issues. Unlevel walkways and steps can also lead to painful trips and falls. Concrete replacement takes days of labor, as well as even more days before the concrete sets when you cannot use your driveway.

Overall, the best qualities to look for are companies with experience and timing. Jerry Fox was very professional and he left the area he worked on clean and nice. On time, good work and nice clean up.He explained his plan of work and carried through, doing more than he anticipated. The personnel were totally professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.

There is no need to disturb landscaping making the whole process quick and clean. As we can guess, the Affordable Mudjacking company is best known for its hard to beat prices on services. With two decades worth of experience, they understand how to make an in-depth analysis of problems and make repairs promptly. Their attention to detail also raises customer satisfaction rates with finished products. More than anything, they want to make long-life relationships with customers so that can always be trusted within the local community. He worked diligently to get sidewalks and slabs restored to their original placement.