Curren$y Celebrates 4 20 With NFT Only ‘Financial District’ EP

This is the discography of American rapper Curren$y. The cast of ‘Fear’ dropped by for this week’s “Drink Champs” episode, and T.I. “I am excited to renew this partnership with Bacardi,” the rap mogul said in a … A scaled down five-song selection from the EP where purchaser will also receive a 4/20 Smoke Pass and a Curren$y Lowrider NFT. In the studio it gets cold, so you’ll need a good hoodie.

It was an auction like any art piece, so that’s not to be disclosed. The purchase wins the auction, we operate with class. They can resell it at a different value, that’s how this works. When we started working on the project that we’re doing right now, when we’re in San Francisco shooting those Nautica ads. We’re shooting ads for that Diamond Supply x Nautica collab and talking about the project, we realized it wasn’t out so it’s out now.

This is the ONLY place to get the 420 Blaze Pass NFT which is your access pass to the Smoke event tonight. Man, he was always one of my favorites. He always showed love to what I was doing. I wasn’t really that jam with him at first.

Through Twitter, he’s always saying “this dude’s making good shit. I respect this dude’s moves.” When I reached out, it was automatic. I wish I was in the same studio, but Alchemist can put his hands on anybody so he got the verse for me. We linked up a few times after that. It’s crazy because the blessing in my career is that everybody I listened to, cleaned my room to, washed my parents car to or cut the grass to, I ended up meeting them. What he wanted to do was to pen his lyrics that would be unheard on other platforms or in any other realm except for the NFT realm.

Besides Spitta, we witnessed NFTs released by Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, A$AP Rocky, and Azealia Banks have made headlines for following suit. Besides it, he featured a project in the recent campaign for the Monogram cannabis line by Jay Z recently. According to the famous American rapper, he hopes that the “Financial District” NFT album will end up being a marvellous audio art experience through the power of Non-Fungible Tokens, which listeners treasure.

It’s my first time locking in with Trauma Tone, this shit been good. I’ve had a few beats from him on my mixtapes, the listeners always hold those records in high regard. This greenlink financial bbb was long overdue, we had to pull up on one other. He took the first step and came to New Orleans. Yeah, it’s cool though, because I’m working with the homies right now.

He didn’t want to go through a computer to find B-sides, incomplete songwriting, or songs we didn’t feel like using. Instead of that, he went to the lab, creating original pieces explicitly meant for that purpose. Tier 2 features a 5-song selection from the EP, 4/20 Smoke Pass and Curren$y Lowrider NFT, while Tier 3 includes a 4/20 virtual smoke session with him and Jet Life.

NFT represents a non-fungible token or digital file that includes everything from music, art, and memorabilia for absolute beginners. People can purchase NFTs with cryptocurrencies or credit cards. In other words, an NFT is simply a digital collectable that is uniquely identifiable and different from cryptocurrencies that are fungible. In 2011, Curren$y signed a label deal with the famous entertainment company Warner Bros. “Canal Street Confidential” was his latest album which was released in 2015. NFT’s are like collectible sports cards and essentially serve as a digital certificate of authenticity for “an object, real or virtual,” a tech expert recently penned in the L.A.