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Through this webinar, Tresa will share how her leap of faith in the real estate industry has worked in her favor. This will be a great opportunity for all women entrepreneurs and real estate professionals who want to know more about the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network, which is founded by her. This program aims to inspire women to benefit from the growing opportunities in the real estate industry. She will cover how her combination of leadership skills, charisma, and professional experience helped her to overcome her skeptical approach towards this new career path. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Now, Dawn works with other “hidden entrepreneurs” to create a strategic plan of action that will help them transition into their 2nd Act with ease and confidence. Alma’s professional background includes management consulting, nonprofit leadership, and healthcare solutions. She retired in 2019 after spending five years as Director of Client Relations for Homewatch Caregivers … Helping families of elderly parents identify healthcare solutions.

Robbin is honoured to help other moms and dads become more confident, happy and connected parents. Click on this video to hear about Robbin’s results in the first 30 days of working together. Jennifer Allwood helps women find freedom in thier business, my time, finances, and most importantly, through faith in God. She has a social media following of 500K people, The Jennifer Allwood Show, has more than 2M downloads, coaching groups with thousands of members, and a #1 best selling book, Fear is Not the Boss of You. Click on this video to hear about Jennifer’s experience working with JoyBrand Creative.

Never have I felt more understood and significant to the God who made me. ReviewsWrite ReviewThere are no reviews yet for this company. The contact is Tresa Todd Lugten from Garland TX. You will get to be a part of the private Facebook group for the duration of the 7-day Masterclass only. After that everyone is removed from the group and you will be invited to join our online community after you complete training.

Through real-life experience of how to make simple changes in everything from relationships to habits, Thea has blazed a path that can free you from paralyzing fear. With encouragement from someone who has walked the path herself, you’ll push yourself toward greatness, breathing new life into your wildest dreams. My biggest takeaway from her program is the nutrition piece.

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Angelica had me change up what I was eating, stopped a few OTC things and added a few supplements. I have had gut issues for at least 20 years and the past 5 years have been worse than ever. I have been to several Dr’s and had reviews on jacuzzi bath remodel all kinds of testing, all to no avail. We are a small group of passionate and enthusiastic musicians who care about giving great music lessons. Or not label are either user-contributed or have not been verified by our experts.

Charlotte has faced many challenges, including assisting her own parents through dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, while battling and overcoming cancer. “You Have To LAUGH To Keep From CRYING” is a project that has lingered in her heart for many years. She shares her experiences with the hope that her stories and lessons ease the pain that others endure.She loves gardening and is a certified Master Gardener teaching Raised-bed Gardening & Keyhole Gardening at Senior Facilities. Learn more about Charlotte at How to Parent Your Parents.

Jennifer Bowers retired last year after 26 years of public service working in both state and federal probation services. Her roles over the years as an officer, supervisor, and deputy chief connected her to persons in the community from all walks of life and allowed her to spend time in their worlds. The insights she gained further fostered her interest in volunteerism. Adele combines real life experience and strong educational background to developing training, seminars, and coaching tools that cause transformation and realization of inner strength.