Dog trainer Jeff Gellman brings aversive training methods to Chicago area

That business expanded to include Jeff Gellman Seminars in 2014, according to Gellman’s LinkedIn profile, through which he tours domestically and internationally teaching his methods. Can cause physical harm or fear when used at the required intensity for learning to occur and also can damage the relationship between dog and owner. Gellman’s name is well known to the Rhode Island SPCA , one of the agencies tasked with investigating animal cruelty complaints. The Daily Mailonly some of the publications documenting canceled seminar venues and controversy. He is due to make an appearance in Manchester for a two-day seminar on August 15 and 16, with tickets listed on Eventbrite at £600 per person and dog pairing.

I would like to introduce my clan because if your dog comes in for training they will become a part of our pack. My passion lies in being able to help a good dog become a better dog. In my opinion all dogs are born “good” – sometimes they have been dealt a bad hand or missed out on important life lessons – but any dog can make changes and improvement. Gellman’s social media sites have been deleted and tickets to his seminar in July are no longer able to be purchased. “We don’t want to be condoning harsh punishment methods to be used on our dogs here in New Zealand,” she said.

The gruesome video has thrown social media into a frenzy, and it’s also prompted the Fort Bend County District Attorney to launch an animal cruelty investigation. Over a 10 year period I was rehabbing and rehoming dogs for private rescue groups. Some of these dogs needed basic training and some needed complete rehabilitation or they would never be able to live in a family home. A lot of these dogs struggled with reactivity, aggression to humans and other dogs, severe anxiety and lacked the skills to live harmoniously with humans.

Gellman has even gone so far as to change his venue destinations should their locations be made publicly known prior to the scheduled date. Gellman’s methods have been deemed so extreme by some members of the public that he has received alleged death threats. Laroy also disagreed with Gellman’s claims that using his methods on dogs deemed dangerous could save millions of shelter dogs’ lives each year. Citing that euthanasia of shelter pets has declined from 2.6 million in 2011 and currently is closer to 1.5 million animals — with no mention that all the animals are euthanized because they were deemed aggressive.

So be wary of dog trainers that say that prong collars, E-collars and bark collars are bad. These dog trainers are responsible for keeping the kill rate in shelters so high. I am tired of the thousands of dog trainers telling the public that prong collars, e-collars and bark collars are mean, bad and dangerous.

BBC noted that the lower range tickets for a seminar Gellman was supposed to conduct in Perth were for people who wanted to attend and take notes, while the higher ticket levels were for people who wanted to attend with their dogs. As a clarification for readers not familiar with the term, “counter surfing” refers to a small dog jumping onto a counter or large dogs putting their paws on a counter so they can eat food or other items that were left there by their owners. Gellman’s online shop promotes several models of electronic collars made by E-Collar Technologies. Bonking is “wildly successful at correcting overly aggressive dog behaviors,” according to theJournal. Bonking on the white dog at an alleged Las Vegas venue went viral, Gellman stood by his use of the technique. Training protocols that use force or pain to make a dog comply with a command are known as “aversive” techniques, can range in their intensity, and are not automatically legal.

As shown in a video that is publicly available on the website of the ABC affiliate in Providence, Rhode Island, a practice proudly employed by Mr. Gellman is physically striking a dog over the head with violent force. As shown in the video and summarized by Joe Warzycha, President of the Rhode Island SPCA, “the dog clearly responds in a manner that is indicative of pain.” . Although Mr. Gellman opines in the video that this procedure is necessary, accredited experts in animal behavior science know otherwise. (See, for example, “The Use of kendall jenner blm poster Punishment for Behavior Modification in Animals” by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, located at ). Regardless of the purported efficacy of or intent behind Mr. Gellman’s practice, we believe it is a clear example of beating, cruelly treating and/or otherwise abusing an animal, as contemplated by the Humane Care for Animals Act. Furthermore, we have every reason to believe that this practice and/or similar practices will take place or be depicted within Illinois during Solid K9 Training’s planned seminar at Bark Avenue.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ guide has a list of questions you can ask a potential dog trainer to learn more about the methods that he or she will use on your dog. Lady Freethinker does not condone any training method that creates unnecessary fear, pain, or discomfort for animals. Those messages ranged from name-calling to expressed wishes that aggressive dogs be given to us, and also attempts to discredit Talamo’s professional qualifications that were sent to Lady Freethinker’s founder prior to publication. The messages were received over the course of more than two weeks at the time of this story’s publication. Incident reports, obtained by Lady Freethinker via a public records request, also show that Gellman contacted the Providence Police Department on alleged threats on two separate occasions — once in December 2019, and once in February 2020.

I began training my first dog, a Pomeranian, when I was 10 years old. I remember our vet telling my mother “that is the most social and friendly Pomeranian I have ever met”. I taught him all his obedience commands and he came everywhere with me. He grew up on our family farm and was treated like a dog regardless of how small and cute he was.