Easy Crochet Striped Moss Stitch Blanket

I used all of what I had except for the border color. Love love this … I am currently on row 12. I am using different yarns colors for every row and I am using some fuzzy type yarns as well,my granddaughter who turns 7 will love her is 829 a good credit score new blanket. I think I am going to continue and hope that with pressure from the next rows, and blocking, it works out. I am enjoying this blanket SO MUCH, thank you again for sharing it and for being so kind as to answer questions.

There are a lot of crochet blanket patterns out there, and it can be hard to know where to start if you’re new to crochet. Hi Hannah, my son wanted a bed spread and saw your blanket online, send me the link. I was able to follow along, easy peasy. I don’t really understand how to read a pattern, but having the photos made it so much easier for me to understand. I wish all projects came this way, I made a baby blanket, 120 stitches across and only did up to row 70.

This free crochet throw pattern is super cozy, made with bulky weight yarn, and uses 3 different colors. The granny stripe pattern is very straightforward, but if you a new crocheter, it’s always a good idea to practice a new pattern with a small sample. Try starting with just 26 chains and following the pattern above until you have successfully completed the foundation row and three different color stripes. Crochet blankets are a popular project – but since they’re so big, they can be intimidating for beginning crocheters.

If the number you end up with divides by 3, so does your starting number. The ch 2 always counts as your first stitch of the row. 6 + 5 this means to DCFS in sets of 6 until you reach your desired size then DCFS 5 more and you’re ready to go. It’s rare I make anything for myself so I wanted it to be special.

It can sometimes be hard to keep up your crochet motivation on a big project like a blanket. This free pattern utilizes a few basic crochet stitches over and over. So while it’s not overly difficult, it’s varied enough to keep your interest. Stripedjelly jar cover free crochet pattern.Make anything at all prettier when you wrap it in a colorful, striped crochet cozy. This is a free pattern from Fiber Fluc.

Many crocheters choose acrylic yarn for their granny stripe blankets because it’s so practical and cost effective. But a few podcasts and YouTube channels have featured granny stripe patterns using leftover scraps of sock yarn. This easy pattern is great for beginners and makes a beautiful gift.