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I have owned many pairs of the “1.0” On Clouds. These are super lightweight and excellent travel men’s outfits with red shoes shoes. I walk a lot in these shoes on vacations and love how little space they take up.

I understand its use, but I hate the look of a heel loop. Thankfully, this shoe doesn’t have it. The bungee shoelace is very cool, no tying or adjustments needed. Regular shoelaces are supplied in the box if you don’t like the bungee shoelaces.

A more feminine version of the mens mesh sneaker, Limit 1 for ladies boasts all the same features. The paint stripes on the outsole combine perfectly with the mesh upper. Step into summer with Boston 1 Nyl Wax from Urbanart sneakers. Mesh has never looked better than on this iconic footwear. Made from wax and nylon, you’ll want to show these guys off. Mesh shoes are mainly made from Nylon, polyester, or sometimes even knit material.

Then Limit 1 mens white mesh shoes are one of our personal favourites. Grab your little one a pair of Boston Nyl Wax 1 mesh sneakers and watch their eyes light up. Not only are these shoes breathable, but they’re perfect for fashionable kids on the go. Because they’re not made of a thick upper material, mesh shoes are also lightweight. You can comfortably stay on your feet all day with a pair of mesh shoes.

I have a pair that is almost 3 years old now that are in better condition than this last pair. Nothing changed about how I wear them. I’m really torn on buying a 4th pair because I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit me well and these are near perfect. Kids, Women’s and Men’s mesh shoes are all the rage this summer, so what are you waiting for? And if you want to see even more incredible sneaker fashion trends, check out the paint-splattered sneaker, HYPE 1. Give your feet room to breathe with the unforgettable Trip mesh ladies sneaker.