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Sex differences and hormonal influences on acquisition of cocaine self-administration in rats. Membrane estrogen receptors activate the metabotropic glutamate receptors mGluR5 and mGluR3 to bidirectionally regulate CREB phosphorylation in female rat striatal neurons. Influence of sex and estrous cyclicity on conditioned cue-induced reinstatement of cocaine-seeking behavior in rats. Opposing patterns of signaling activation in dopamine D1 and D2 receptor-expressing striatal neurons in response to cocaine and haloperidol. Dopaminergic brain reward regions of Lewis and Fischer rats display different levels of tyrosine hydroxylase and other morphine- and cocaine-regulated phosphoproteins. CREB activity in the nucleus accumbens shell controls gating of behavioral responses to emotional stimuli.

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For example, administration of E2 to OVX rats increases DA release, turnover, and DA uptake (Becker and Ramirez, 1981a; Becker and Beer, 1986; Di Paolo, 1994). In addition, E2 acutely increases DA receptor density and DA binding (Di Paolo et al., 1985; Levesque and Di Paolo, 1989; Di Paolo, 1994; Shieh and Yang, 2008). Evidence from studies using intact rodents add to the above studies and clearly demonstrate sex differences in baseline DA activity and stimulated DA activity in the striatum (Becker, 1999; Becker and Hu, 2008; Becker et al., 2012). More specifically, female rats exhibit greater basal concentrations of DA and stimulated DA concentrations in the striatum compared to those of males (Castner et al., 1993; Walker et al., 2000). The ratio of levels of striatal DOPAC/DA are highest during the proestrus stage of the estrous cycle as compared to the other stages of the cycle, suggesting a greater magnitude of DA turnover when circulating levels of E2 are high .

In females, GABAergic MSNs of NAc core have anatomically larger spines and higher dendritic spine density than in males and the frequency of mEPSCs in the core is higher in females than males (Wissman et al., 2011). In both the core and shell there is no evidence for sex differences in the number of DA neurons (Forlano and Woolley, 2010; Wissman et al., 2012). Other neuroanatomical attributes such as MSN soma size, cellular density and gross region volume have not been found to be sexually dimorphic (Meitzen et al., 2011; Wong et al., 2016). Electrophysiological properties of GABAergic MSNs in the core change across the estrous cycle (Proano et al., 2018).

The evidence identifying important differences in the patterns of drug use, abuse, and addiction between men and women implicates sex as a risk factor for developing substance use disorder and as a powerful component affecting the course of treatment. Sex differences and sensitivity to gonadal hormones within the structure and functions of the mesolimbic reward system are linked to sex differences in the neurobehavioral response to drugs of abuse. It has also been demonstrated that the underlying cause of these sex differences on DA signaling is the cyclic fluctuation in E2 levels and its downstream neurobiological effects. Relying on Danish Registry data, Skovlund and colleagues [12••] recently reported a link between antidepressant prescription and HC-use. The authors included data from more than one million women in the age of 15–34 years, who were using combined estradiol/progestin as well as progestin-only HCs in all available forms of administration (see Fig.1 and for an overview of HC methods). In those women, risk ratios for first diagnoses of depression or first antidepressant-use increased during the first 6 months after initiation of HC-use (1.8-fold relative risk compared with naturally cycling women).

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