Faux Locs: Your 2022 Guide on How to Do Fake Locs

But overall, this is one of the best protective styles you can get if you’re looking for a feminine, boho texture that balances chic with casual. To make brand-new locs a little more pliable, you can do a quick hot water rinse. Rinse your scalp and the full length of your locs and make sure to dry them fully (pat – never rub – with a towel). Opt for a thicker, chunkier loc size and use a vibrant fantasy color like magenta!

There are plenty of ways how to refresh almost any protective hairstyle, from extended soft locs to distressed soft locs. It is no secret that for any protective hairstyle, be it comb coils or soft butterfly locs, it is essential to keep your scalp clean. However, it does not mean that you should live in the shower. Frequent washing, as well as blow drying and using styling products, can make the hair dry and brittle.

Third, you can achieve a similar look of faux locs in half the time and its a great protective style for natural hair. While crochet faux locs are the starting point, you can alter the finished look of your soft locs by using different types of extension hair to wrap them. Kinky, afro kinky, or water wave hair are the most popular choices for casual, freeform soft locs.

Courtney recommends cutting the locs about six inches under your natural hair and unraveling them from there; this will ensure you don’t cut your actual hair. “You can also use conditioner to help soften the hair as this will help the soft locs to slide out,” says the hairstylist. Keeping your hair hydrated is also important when caring for your soft locs.

While soft locs are supposed to be the opposite of rigid faux locs, they don’t always start out soft and pliable. You might find that it takes your locs a few days to loosen up and adopt that freeform, moveable feel you’re after. Unlike faux locs, most blue hair brown roots stylists don’t start soft locs with full cornrows that take a lot of time. Soft locs are one of those rare protective styles that are universally flattering and genuinely look great on everyone. Also this hair is easier to use than water wave hair.

It’s not good for your hairline or your peace of mind. % of people told us that this article helped them. Overlap the hair slightly as you wrap so that you have no gaps. Secure the strand with a small hair elastic, if needed.