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All World Quests that are unlocked by speaking to NPCs through Teyvat. They give insight into the various locations and stories of the world. Lunged SticklebackA swift, fierce fish with spiny fins whose spiny mouth can pierce the current when it swims at full speed. Its capabilities have earned it the nicknames “The Cutter” and “Hard-To-Get.” Unlike others of its kind, the lunged stickleback can live in dried, muddy pools for a long time. Other than its gills, it can also breathe through its degenerated scales, which is a feature much more similar to that of amphibians.

Players will likely spend their first moments with a rod wrangling fish in Mondstadt. Some fish, like the Tea-Colored Shirakodai, are exclusive to this region just like some other Mondstadt local specialties. The go-to source for comic and superhero movies A one-stop nucypher price prediction shop for all things video games. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. It’s part of the experience of exploring the regions since you can stumble upon a Fishing Point while searching for treasures or challenges.

Very strong-willed, it will fight any interloper that dares to steal its food or enter its territory. Golden KoiA large fish said to be the descendant of dragons. With the horn on its head and its scaleless form clad as if in golden armor, it looks every bit like a king underwater. As such, it lost the nickname “Descendant of Dragons,” and is now termed the “False Dragon” instead.

Be it the locations to fish at, what’s at each site or even the goods at the regional Fishing Associations, find them listed in ourGenshin Impact Fishing guide. It’s a little far from the Waypoint, so Travelers need to do a bit of walking and gliding. The spot is located on a small island that has a Hilichurl Hut on it. Travelers should keep in mind that this location can only be accessible after they talk to Ipe, the ghost. It can take a new player quite some time to get to the Inazuma region, but it will eventually be a great destination for questing and even fishing. In this list, you will find not only the location, and the fish you can catch there, but also the period of time specific fish tend to spawn.

However, if you are looking for a specific fish, knowing exactly where each spot is and what fish are present at it can be pretty helpful. Medaka location in Seirai Island Genshin Impact players can also check Seirai Island for Medaka. More specifically, Medaka swim near the southern tip of the Fort Hiraumi region.

The Glaze Medaka is a lively fish that is sought after for its petal-shaped tail but how do you catch a Glaze Medaka? You will not need any special pole to catch the Glaze Medaka. However, favoured pastes are the fruit paste bait and glow grass bait. Although changing in-game time does not have fishes appear, there might be a different fish pool depending on in-game time. Change the in-game time at the same fishing location and make sure that there are no more fishes appearing. In Ritou, near where you first arrived in Inazuma, you’ll have access to a pool of Glaze Medakas, Lunged Sticklebacks, Akai Maou, Pufferfish, and Bitter Pufferfish.

” — A certain fisherman from Liyue who was accidentally pricked. Let’s get started and take a look at where to catch Medaka in Genshin Impact. There’s meant to be a third location in front of the city, but it didn’t spawn for me. Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE EsportsAvoid running or performing combat actions near the fishing area. MiHoYo has added another exciting feature in Genshin Impact — fishing. On a side note, Wilderness Rod is given during the Exploding Population world quest while Moonstringer Rod is obtained during the Lunar Realm event.

The baits formula is obtained during the World Quest Exploding Population, during the fishing tutorial. The Glaze Medaka is a small purple fish, that is most commonly in groups of around three to four. The copyrights of videos of games used in our content and other intellectual property rights belong to the provider of the game.

As such, apart from dealing with uninvited anglers, it also has to deal with an academic vote of no confidence in it still being a stickleback. Akai MaouA stickleback with a fierce appearance and a manner to match. It will fight anyone and anything under the sea for food — a veritable and much-feared robber in red. Its fiery-red coloration seems to have much to do with Pyro, for while they cannot quite become flame generators, they do have some control over high temperatures. They can convert energy from their food and focus it on their dangerous snouts, making them underwater scoundrels indeed. This is your best friend.” — Angler’s Atlas, Akai Maou Chapter“.

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