HitTrax Hit Beyond the Cage

The HitTrax is a training simulator that captures real time data, while displaying live hits in parks all over the world. The HitTrax device is the most innovative tool on the baseball market today, and will give your son or daughter advanced training before we couldn’t imagine. In their first hitting league, K-Zone played host to a 6-week league consisting of six teams with 3-5 players each. The games are set-up to move quickly as they utilize a Hack Attack pitching machine and limit the games to six innings.

The scalable CV algorithms will serve as the backbone for today’s indoor/outdoor system while also allowing the company to scale its product offerings and release an entry-level app for mobile platforms. The app will be targeted to consumers and serve as an introduction to HitTrax metrics. Expected release for the app is in Q1 2018, available for iOS and Android devices. “The HitTrax System has definitely provided a spark to our training environment and has opened an entirely new revenue stream for our business.”

Patented technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback. Analyze key performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field. HitTrax uses patented technology to record, analyze and provide precise data to baseball players. It helps revolutionize thebaseball industryand brings the sport to the modern era. Baseball athletes, particularly hitters and pitchers, can enhance their skills by simulating certain scenarios.

But the HitTrax motion-capture technology that MBA owner Kerry Sweeney purchased combines the culture’s reliance on detailed data for almost everything and people’s desire for visual interconnectivity.” This system uses technologies like the video capture and analysis module , which turns batting cages into high-tech training centers. Players can review their performances to find out areas of improvement.

“Due to the pandemic, we’ve seen a considerable increase in requests from the home market and this solution will fill that need. We’re thrilled that we are now able to deliver the same technology used by the professionals directly into the player’s home.” /PRNewswire/ — InMotion Systems, LLC, developer of the industry leading HitTrax Data Capture & Simulation System, has announced the availability of HitTrax Home. This new platform, which utilizes the same core computer vision technology that powers the professional HitTrax model used by MLB organizations, is now available for purchase by private and residential users. However, one element that the HitTrax system doesn’t record is the ball’s spin. Most of the data presented are for the speed, location, and distance traveled by the ball.

These features allow facilities and coaches to keep players active all year round. Strike zone data aids in examining various player proclivities from exit velocity to swing selections. It also indicates a hitter’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the zone.

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The game’s first and only virtual simulator is redefining the way baseball players are evaluated by combining analytics and real-time feedback. Now, players don’t have to wait until springtime to see results on the big screen. To keep young athletes kutztown dorms engaged, the HitTrax simulator contains a game engine built in home run derbies, tournaments, hitting leagues, quality hit contests, and even has imagery of Major League ballparks so players can simulate playing in different stadiums.