How to Contact HBO Max Customer Service

Million alone compensating talent for the shift to streaming; Deadline reported in January 2022 that such a business move “will never occur again given its high cost”. On October 28, 2020, it was announced that the 1990s series Tiny Toon Adventures would be rebooted for Cartoon Network and HBO Max as Tiny Toons Looniversity, featuring older versions of the characters. Steven Spielberg is expected to return as executive producer. On June 9, 2020, Gone with the Wind was temporarily removed from HBO Max’s library amid the George Floyd protests, following an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times by 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley. In November 2021, HBO Max acquired the rights to Globo’s telenovelas and series for Latin America and the Caribbean outside of Brazil. On August 15, 2022, HBO was reorganized by Warner Bros.

Hi movieguy4, we’re sorry for the inconvenience but due to a system issue, customers are not able to log into HBOMax at the moment. Hi Bucknut21, we’re happy that you were able to get logged into HBO Max on your phone. I have no idea what all the sudden caused this and I haven’t been able to get in contact with any AT&T customer service line. We do appreciate your patience as our team is working diligently to get this known issue resolved. Hi Maxxx, we’re happy that you were able to get logged into HBO Max on your phone.

Elvis, which has grossed more than $142 million domestically since its release on June 24, has already exceeded that timeline and the company has not yet confirmed its streaming destiny on HBO Max. After your discounted six-month period, HBO Max will renew your subscription to its usual $14.99-per-month price, but you can cancel before then to avoid the price hike. Now that the 2021 Emmy Awards are over, it’s time to catch up and stream all the winning shows. Right on cue, HBO has launched a sale offering its HBO Max streaming subscription at 50 percent off for the next six months. She said the errors related to this are “Can’t Verify your subscription” or “Your HBO Max subscription through AT&T is expired” or “It’s not you it’s us.” Anyways, she took my email/account details and said she’ll put in a request to “expedite it.” So suddenly I’m not able to play movies and shows anymore on the HBO Max app.

Once you realize that you can immediately cancel a streaming service after you’ve paid for the month, you can start timing each subscription for maximum effectiveness. HBO shows, for instance, often run for just eight to 10 consecutive weeks, so you might consider holding off on a subscription through the first four to six weeks of a given season, and then playing catch-up when there’s only a month to go. Not everyone realizes this, but once you’ve paid for a month of HBO Max, Peacock Premium, or pretty much any other streaming TV service, you are entitled to that full month even after you’ve cancelled. These companies don’t do prorated refunds, which is unfortunate if you forget to cancel a free trial, but it’s great for avoiding automatic renewal in the first place.

Be sure to follow the above steps to properly cancel or you will be charged. If you’re not signed in already, you’ll want to do that first. In order to cancel your HBO Max subscription through those other providers, you will have to sign in to that particular account and gotcha evolve won’t turn on manage your subscription there or contact your provider’s Help Center. Some streaming and cable TV providers allow customers to get HBO Max via their service. Some of these providers include, but are not limited to, YouTube TV, Roku, Apple iTunes, AT&T, and DirecTV.

From there, tap on the Profile tab found in the bottom-right corner of the app. HBO Max received mixed reception from media observers on launch. Television critics also expressed frustration that the library of original series for sister network Cinemax was not originally available on HBO Max, though much of its output had arrived on the service by the end of 2021. As with HBO’s other streaming platforms, HBO Go and HBO Now , HBO Max does not include feeds of HBO’s linear cable channels, nor any content from Cinemax. On March 14, 2022, after Discovery, Inc. shareholders approved its merger with a divestiture of WarnerMedia by AT&T to form Warner Bros. Discovery, Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels stated that the company planned to pursue an eventual merger of HBO Max with its own streaming service Discovery+.

For HBO Max with ads $9.99 permonth or $99.99 per year. We are aware that existing AT&T HBO Max customers are experiencing an error message when trying to stream HBO Max, we are currently working on a resolution. Currently, due to a system variance, customers are experiencing errors when they are signing in to HBO Max. Our team is aware and working towards a resolution. Canceling your HBO Max subscription is not difficult, but you must know the right process depending on what device you are using to initiate the cancellation. Canceling on the web versus your mobile phone application or through Hulu and the cable provider will be different.

We want to help you with that notification about subscription expiration when you are trying to use HBO Max. Once complete, you will want to sign back in using your AT&T ID and password. Go into the app and select the person indicator at the bottom right. Mine isn’t working and I spent over an hour today on phone with AT&T. To resolve, please log out of all of your devices that use HBO Max. This issue is usually caused when a customer has multiple products with AT&T that were getting HBO included, and one went away.

Yes HBO Max has annual subscription which is more saving than monthly subscription. Cancel subscription to one of the accounts you choose. The trend that you are experiencing is due to a system migration variance. Our team is engaged and working towards a resolution. Currently the estimated time of a fix is 3-5 days.

Several causes will lead to HBO Max asking you to renew your subscription. It could be due to an unlinked account or an unverified subscription. There are a lot of factors that can cause this issue. Let us look at why HBO Max is asking you to renew your subscription. HBO Max asking to renew subscription is a problem if you have been charged already. The money goes into your digital wallet, and you can download it to your bank account after 25 days.