How to Do an Incline Dumbbell Fly: Techniques, Benefits, Variations

In this article we’ll visit the cable fly, some of its variations, what to avoid, and how to perform it for maximum results. Paul shows a simple way to perform pronated flys on any cable machine. Set up in the same way as performing a standing cable crossover with stirrups on the top left and right-hand side of the cable crossover.

You should feel your inner pectoral muscles doing the work at this point. Below you will find an introduction to some beneficial chest exercises that can be done on the cable machine! Included are a variety of movements that hit your pectorals from numerous angles, like when doing a workout that makes use of machines, dumbbells, and barbells.

In this article, I will go through what makes a good cable crossover alternative, how to perform each exercise, and how to make the most out of each variation. Cables keep tension on your chest throughout the entire exercise range of motion. There are several different angles and versions of the cable fly, but they all find commonality in strict technique.

Do all your reps on your right side, and then repeat on your left. For even more of a core challenge, move even further to the side of the bench so you’re forced to create tension to keep your body balanced. This minimal-gear exercise takes focus if you want to make the most of the move. The key is to create as much tension as possible to get the ultimate squeeze.

And the same applies to the chest flyes done with a resistance band, on the pec deck, or even the dumbbell chest flyes. Here’s how the proper form would look on all three chest flyes variations. Simply focus on bent arms at the start and straight arms at the end. This pressing variation flips your bodybuilding with bad genetics chest day upside down, challenging your stability and torching your core. You’ll need a cable machine or a pair of resistance bands set on high anchor points. But anyone who wants to train for a balanced, healthy physique will understand that you need to train smart, not like a meathead .