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Whether you want a straight, curly, twisted, or braided look, you can achieve it with crochet hair with a bit of practice. From big loose curls to tight, long braids, many types of crochet hair will get that new style in no time – a brand new you. Take a look at the types of crochet hair that are all the rage with your favorite Influencer or celebrity. And what I really love best about this method is that it’s less tension on your hair, especially if you do the cornrow-singles combo. The more hair you use, the heavier, the more potential tension on your scalp.

Most modern crocheters use large crochet hooks or thick dowel to do broomstick lace these days. Broomstick lace is an excellent crochet skill to learn and it results in a very beautiful and unique final product. Take your curved needle and use a thread color that matches your hair color, so it blends in. You’ll want to tie a knot at the end to create a loop. To install a crochet hair extension, simply slide the crochet hook under a section of your cornrow where you want the extension to go.

Use the same crocheting technique on the most of these front sections—just be sure to space your extensions a little closer together. Wash, condition, and moisturize your hair ahead of time. Go through your hair with both clarifying shampoo and moisturizing shampoo, followed by a round of moisturizing conditioner. Once your hair is squeaky clean, use a moisturizing product like mousse or leave-in conditioner to nourish your hair. Another advice is to wash the extension you make with the fake hair vigorously.

If you do not receive a response from the seller within two business days, you can also claim a refund by contacting customer service. Precious jewellery items need to be returned in the tamper free packaging that is provided in the delivery parcel. You can return if you receive a damaged, defective or incorrect product. Repeat step three as many times as necessary to get the length of crochet chain that your project requires. Thankfully, this process doesn’t take super long—it can as little as 20 minutes, depending on the style and number of extensions you used.

Cro-hook crochet is worked with a double ended hook to create double sided crocheted. It allows the crocheter to work stitches on or off either end of their crochet piece and to have neither a right or wrong side to what they’re working on. This style is similar to Tunisian and results in excellent colour work that’s not achievable in other styles of crochet. She even learned to crochet herself and popularised the craft (we just need Queen Mary to start crocheting now!). Crochet pulled many poor families out of the potato famine and earned them enough money to emigrate to America.

From different brushes can be made of hooks of different sizes for use with different threads. Swipe it from the deepest point of the hook to the handle of the tool. Make the transition from the handle to the deepening was as smoother.

• As for drying and styling, we must avoid the dryer since synthetic fibers do not withstand heat and can lose the curl. The same happens with combs, which when brushing usually modify the texture of the crochet braid, so we always recommend combing with your hands. If hair to use for butterfly locs you feel that with the current hairstyle you cannot project the image you want, this is your moment of clarity, do not miss it! At Touched by an Angel Beauty School we know that the African Crochet braids style hairstyle can help you reflect your hidden personality.

Use a denman brush to help remove tangles, you can also add a small amount of product to give you some slip. Impossible to find a salon that has experience with this type of method. However, it’s still essential to seek out a professional for the crocheting method. The backcombing technique encourages your hair follicles to start fusing and locking together. Lion Locs produces the best organic, vegan, and residue-free dreadlock grooming products in the industry.

Bullion crochet is usually used for motifs rather than fabric based projects. It results in a thick, uniform, round motif style piece. This is how I first learned to crochet as a kid, and how I am currently teaching my 5-year-old nephew how to crochet.

Oh, and vlogger Jazz Nicole, one of the first vloggers to demonstrate this method on Youtube, has a faster way of hiding your own hair. She basically threads the crochet needle through the extension, hooks the tip of her own hair onto the crochet then pulls her hair through the extension. She recommends doing this on the front braids where you can see what you’re doing and not the back braids unless you really master the technique. • Once the extensions are in place, the care of the crochet braid is not complex. It is very important to put special emphasis on the scalp and rinse with plenty of cold or warm water to avoid itching. Typically, you would now insert the crochet hook into the slip knot and pull it tight.