How to Regain Ownership of Your Company’s Facebook Page

You may search for who’s the owner of that page, and send a request message to handover the page to you. If the Facebook page has a message option then also use it. Last, you may contact with Facebook page team if the page acquisition is really important to your business.

Maybe some employee created one but it was never used. In any case, you have two options; take ownership of the existing Page for your business, or create a new Page. You can merge and even claim a duplicate Facebook page after you create an official Facebook business page. It makes sure your customers are still with you. Don’t worry, and you will also be able to merge existing likes and check-ins in a single place.

You can also report a duplicate Facebook page using the report duplicates of this place option. Which allows adding a duplicate place’s page URL. It may be helpful in claiming a Facebook page fast. You’re now an admin of the Page and can begin managing it. Please allow up to one week for the Pages team to review your claim request and respond.

The email address you need to use should be a business email address. It should have an association with your business domain name. There are a number of different reasons iphone xs max images why your business may already have a Facebook page without your knowledge. Maybe you have a physical location and a Place was created, which was then merged into a Page.

If you want to present a strong brand image online, take advantage of Facebook’s custom username feature to get your Facebook Page’s vanity URL. If you have a bricks-and-mortar store, you need to claim your Places Page as it shows up in mobile Facebook. Then you have the opportunity to merge your Places information with your official business Page on Facebook. A good process would be to create your Official Business Page first and then go and claim your Places Page. Beneath the image on the Places page there is a hyperlink that says, “Is this your business?” If it is, you can click it to start the verification process.

\nNow you can go back to your computer, search for your Places Page, and edit the settings or provide more information. Can I advertise my Place the same way I advertise my Page? Click “I want to advertise something I have on Facebook” in the ad-creation flow and choose your Place from the drop-down menu.

For a detailed guide on how to add an admin read our earlier guide here. Go to the About section on your business page to update your company’s information. When 68% of Americans are using Facebook on a daily basis, that’s a pretty good indicator that your business should be there.

Also, you can use the Search bar at the top of every Facebook screen. \nYou don’t need to be on a smartphone to do this step. If your business has already been added to Facebook Places, you can skip this step. However, if this doesn’t work, give us a call on contact us and we can possibly expedite the process for you. But please be aware, due to Meta’s rules, we cannot help anyone with a private page that has been hacked. Frustratingly, more often than not, as we take them on, we’re finding their actual setup is in a complete mess.