How to undelete one of the 8 thumbnails on Chrome’s homepage

If you want to remove all the thumbnails from the page, there is a way to do it through one simple action. Search for the three dots at the right corner of your screen. Choose that one, and then select “Clear History.” Close your browser and open a new one. This should have gotten rid of all the thumbnails. Google Chrome is considered a fairly secure browser.

Unfortunately Chrome version 68 or lower does not allow this while other browsers do. Using third party extensions should help to remove the thumbnails from Chrome new tab page completely. But we strongly believe there should be an option provided for users to enable or disable this feature entirely using default browser’s settings.

However, you may not want other people to see your most visited websites, and so you’ll need to find a way to remove these thumbnails from your homepage. Chrome allows you to customize the appearance of New Tab in various ways. One of which is the ability to remove shortcuts from New how to exclude a word from a search Tab, these shortcuts are in the form of thumbnails of your most visited sites. This feature was added in Chrome without any notification so most users were not able to remove it. Like many aspects of online life, a ‘helpful’ feature on an app or program can be a double-edged sword.

There are three button icons in the top right corner when you open a new tab . To make is that chrome doesn’t automatically display your recent or most visited websites, click on button farthest right. You will see three options (most visited, recently closed, and restore…). Click on each of them so there is no check mark next any of them.

This won’t stop people from being able to check your sites , but it will stop chrome from automatically displaying them when a new tab is opened. By default, Chrome’s New Tab page will feature a Google search bar along with thumbnails of your most visited websites. However, if you don’t want your New Tab Page to show the thumbnails, you can simply remove them and have a clear Google interface.