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It would be perfect with the aforementioned lucite necklace that I can’t find. When I was in Houston last weekend, I met a girl named Heather and she was darling. In fact, I’m sad that I didn’t ask her about how she had her hair pulled back and this really cool lucite necklace she was wearing. But fashion hindsight is always 20/20 and often cruel.

I’ve never been to an outside wedding in December. It wasn’t terribly cold but it started lightly raining right when it was supposed to start. Thankfully it stopped just in time for them to get married. We didn’t even have umbrellas but it didn’t ruin anything. The girls and I went to the most beautiful winter wedding I have ever been to.

There is a lot of homeless people in this area. Do not venture west of Powell st. That’s the tenderloin and you don’t want to go there ever. This is probably what I miss most about home. It’s located on El Camino Real in South San Francisco.

Taylor Samuelson shared the same sentiment when she shared her card with me. Taking the family picture for Christmas cards is always the tricky part. We see the shiny happy picture on the card, but we don’t hear the stories behind how they got the picture. Courtney Vaughn shared that her family was taking family pictures, and her 2 year old would only make monkey faces. So instead of sweating it, they just went with it, and all the kids made monkey faces.

I wasn’t sure I was ready to embrace the boyfriend jean. I was conflicted about my feelings for it and confused by all the footwear options and didn’t understand if it meant I’d have to tuck my shirts in. Well, I still haven’t found the sweater but I was killing time in Old Navy last Friday and spied the gray striped scarf. Needless to say, I can’t just run in Target without taking a spin around the entire store because what if they have a really cute linen lampshade?

I bought my son a pair and the store had buy one get one for a dollar so I bought me a pair. They are super cute with a t-shirt mapquest ct driving directions and jeans! A good place to eat in Temecula is Rosa’s Cantina, not to be confused with Rosa’s Tortilla Factory down the street.

Knotts berry farm is great, but if you’re doing both Disney and Knotts, you will be disappointed if you go to Disney first. Knotts is smaller and much less organized. But if your kids love the peanuts gang they’ll have a great time. Generally not crowded and super easy access. I always see Dolphins jumping out of the water off shore.