LA man loses 330lbs and becomes model after covering up weight loss surgery scars with tattoos

Sporty girl with a slim body standing at the right side and a picture of a fat woman drawn at the left side on a green chalkboard background. A woman with belly with excess fat and toned slim stomach with… In a method known as tattoo dry healing, you don’t use any moisturizer as part of your aftercare routine.

Remember, one key thing to do is to stay hydrated and to lose weight slowly if you are worried about any changes to your tattoos. Not unless the weight loss is drastic in one particular area. If you are losing 100 lbs or more, it will affect the tattoo, but other than this, generally there should be no major issues. So, when sza weight gain you have a rapid or extreme weight change, it can influence this. Skin is flexible, and it can shrink and stretch as needed, but tattoos cannot, they stay put. Just like thigh tattoos, you will not notice any huge change to your design after you have shed those extra pounds, unless you dropped a large amount of weight.

On my blog, you will be able to learn more about tattoos and the Symbolism/Meanings of tattoos. Then, take care of your tattoo by keeping your skin hydrated. Firstly, a few pounds isn’t going to make a big difference to the look of your tattoo as stated above.

The better the placement of the tattoo in relationship to the muscle, the less chance of it changing. If you’re concerned about this before getting the tattoo (maybe you’re planning to make some lifestyle changes), discuss it with your tattoo artist. Changes in your body and fluctuation in your weight over the course of a lifetime are not only normal, but should be totally expected. If you have a tattoo, these physical changes can alter your design and placement—however, the effects are less noticeable than you might think. Ahead, you’ll find info on how weight loss and weight gain from pregnancy, working out, or not working out could affect your body ink. You’ll also find info on how it shouldn’t stop you from living your best, truest life.

If you have a tattoo here and then lose, you may find your tattoo looks badly positioned after weight loss. Small tattoos or those with intricate detail may lose quality with major weight loss. You need to consider the location where you plan to get tattooed and also the detail of the design that you want to get. Both of those things will have a bearing on how your tattoo will hold up as you lose weight. After shedding 178 pounds, Kevin was left with loose skin on his stomach, and he opted to undergo skin removal surgery in 2014. A man who tipped the scales at 330 pounds has transformed himself into a hunk after losing more than half of his body weight and spending $30,000 covering up his weight loss scars with tattoos.