Large Size Wooden Indoor Air Hockey Game Table At Rs 9999 Air hockey table, Air hockey, Hockey

Although some tables will be heavy, the tables can be moved around, just be sure there is a power socket handy. If you are yet to buy a table then be sure to see our roundup of the best tables. Apart from the space the actual table takes up, you also need to take into account how much extra is required for playing. This varies for everyone, but the dimensions we’ve recommended will suit most players. It features a white high gloss playing surface for fast non-stop gaming action. Simply apply a generous amount of glue to the wooden blocks and place the acrylic sheet.

If this height seems to be uncomfortable then 36-inch height could be a better go. 4 to 6 feet – This category of air hockey tables are best suited for indoor purpose. These can be easily carried to different places for recreational purposes. The Air hockey Player Association and United States Air Hockey Association are the regulatory bodies of air hockey, who stated the regulations for a standard size air hockey table.

Based on this fact, the best performance is achieved on a table surface of minimum 3 or 4 inch thickness. Air hockey tables are available in a range of sizes, from tabletop versions to large models spanning up to 90 inches in length. costco air hockey Regulation-sized tables are typically 84 inches long and about 48 inches wide. This stately hair hockey table is crafted from steel, cast metal, and oak veneer and is available in your choice of a pine or gray-wash stone finish.

The dimensions of a regulation air hockey table are 8 feet long by 4 feet wide. The playing surface is smooth and level, with a hole in each end for the puck to enter. The table is raised off the ground on legs so that players can stand or sit around it to reach the playing surface. If you are a beginner, you may want an inexpensive tabletop air hockey table that would introduce you to the game and then upgrade to a larger one as you advance your skills.

Then you have to add about two to three feet of room around the table, which will serve an additional room for the players. This ought to be adequate for players to move around unreservedly without thumping into a divider during a game. This is a fantastic table size that will provide your family with the fun and gaming experience of an arcade without taking up much space like full-sized tables. Another important component of an air hockey table is the airflow.