Manohar Pav Bhaji, Pirbhai Terrace Building, Jagannath Shankar Seth Rd, Phone +91 22 2361 6943

I still get messages saying that kids loved that scene though it was panned by critics. However, while doing such a scene, I am aware that critics won’t be pleased by this. It is like I’m selling wada-pav or pav-bhaji. I am not a Michelin-starred restaurant today, but there are people who want to eat pav-bhaji. Although, almost every North Indian restaurant has this delicacy on its menu, gorging on a pav bhaji…

Though a number of your comedy films have found mass appeal, they have failed to please critics. There could be films that would appeal to the masses as well as the critics. While making a Housefull, we know we are catering to the masses. In Housefull 2, there is scene where a crocodile bites off the derrière my character.

Quick service is an added advantage of eating here. Transport yourself to a world of taste by biting into the freshly served pav bhaji at this joint. The backdrop of Arabian Sea and the breezy atmosphere are perfect to enjoy a plate of the snack on any given day. Tucked away in a corner close to the CST, this pav bhaji stall is an assuming spot to relish an orangey and mildly flavoured bhaji with nicely toasted pav-bread. Generally, Mumbai local passengers and tourists walk over to this place for a quick bite.

Must say the taste is exactly the same. Their Amul Makhan Pav Bhaji is the best. Quantity is damm good and sufficient for one person. You can order extra Pav to finish the Bhaji. Masala pav small place but good quantity and good quality. If you are planning to go on weekends expect a waiting time of at least minutes.

He arranges to meet Babban Rao with the help of Suleman Bhai and kills Babban Rao as he would spoil others’ lives like his in the future. In the process, bad writer crossword Suleiman Bhai is also killed. Spoon the bhaji onto plates, sprinkle with the red onion, and serve with the toasted buns and lime wedges on the side.

Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji displays the rawness of the city, the crime, drugs and human trafficking that surrounds it. Just like the title, the movie also differs in the making by being shot in realistic locations of Mumbai in natural light without any makeup for the actors. Keeping it absolutely raw and real for the cinematic experience. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Paav bhaji was very tempting and pulav had nice spicy flavour. At Sardar Refreshments, food takes the centre-stage, not the décor. This place feels like a rustic country kitchen that has put in a few extra tables and chairs, and has called in a few friendly people for a good bite. The highly rated Pav bhaji is served with generous amounts of butter with a fair sprinkling of the green coriander.