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They promised 20% off my next pair after my 6th request for a return address. I will NEVER buy from them again. Pearlfeet went beyond occob running shoes what I first expected to see that I received my purchase. They surprised me with their care about me receiving my shoes.

Today they even texted me to inform me that my shoes had arrived in my country. Paypal Payment for shoes was sent to personal email linked to SDCK Technology, which was just registered in July. I never received confirmation of my purchase or tracking info, just confirmation from Paypal.

Step into summer with Boston 1 Nyl Wax from Urbanart sneakers. Mesh has never looked better than on this iconic footwear. Made from wax and nylon, you’ll want to show these guys off.

They were originally designed to be used for the elderly. They were created with the aim of making the elderly feel more comfortable in their own homes. They were originally meant to be worn by the elderly, but over time they have become more popular among the younger population. A more feminine version of the mens mesh sneaker, Limit 1 for ladies boasts all the same features. The paint stripes on the outsole combine perfectly with the mesh upper.

Plus the colour variety will mean you can have a pair for every outfit. 3 of the 4 items were not what I ordered. I ordered suede shoes and I got a slightly different style leather shoe. It is beyond my imagination what they actually sent. Instead of a sweater they sent a flimsy sweatshirt.

These summer mesh shoes are a must-have for this season. Slightly different from Limit 1, Limit 2 is a pair of mesh mens shoes that you’ll love. It shows off with a round toe, paint detailing, and a lace-up design. Choose a pair of stylish socks and show them off with the mesh holes.