My Crochet Doll: A Fabulous Crochet Doll Pattern with Over 50 Cute Crochet Doll’s Clothes & Accessories PDF Free 204 Pages

Generally, however, the best crochet hooks for amigurumi are on the smaller side, between three to five millimeters. Sailor Moon has been the favourite cartoon character of many little girls for three decades. I remember wanting to become Sailor Jupiter when I was growing up. This tiny doll will make a great addition to any amigurumi collection and it’s also a great gift idea for anime fans.

This free capitol bill doll from Tobey Time Crochet is a great project to make! It has a detailed pattern, plus tutorial to help you along every step of the way. Pull the thread tight so the skipped 9 stitches result in its own small circle. This will later be one arm of the doll.

The details on this doll and her little toy owl are impressive. This crochet doll is perfect for makers who love a challenge. Her shoes, dress, and owl-inspired hat can be removed and replaced. The finished doll is 28 cm high and she can both stand and sit on her own. Morgan is an adorable crochet doll, easy to make which makes her a nice handmade gift. You can also customise it in your own way.

If you’d like to file an allegation of infringement, you’ll need to follow the process described in our Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy. Crochet the head of the doll in spiral rounds in Soft Apricot. Elegant Crane Design.; Having pointed edge and sharp blades,can save time to finish your work. If you are just beginning, I strongly suggest you look over the amigurumi (the japanse term for three dimensional crochet!) tools and materials I suggest! Some tools just make the whole process easier. Weave yarn tail through remaining 6 sts and pull tightly to close.

This Etsy pattern gives you the option. We can’t get over how cute their big feet are. For most of the clothing items I used the same stitch, except for the skirt, for that I used a stitch called “3 dc shell” and “4 dc shell”. Click through the links below for more detailed instructions and the written pattern. Rubeina is a Content Writer and Senior Digital Marketer from Mauritius, with a passion for relationship building between brands and customers. When she’s not managing digital marketing strategies, she likes to spend time doing crochet and other crafts.

I really loved making my first doll, Morgan, and hosting her pattern as my first CAL. I’d been meaning to make her a friend for a while and wanted a cute Halloween 829 credit score doll. For a cleaner SCDEC, do your SCDEC under the front loops only of each st rather than under both loops. This is often referred to as an invisible decrease.

They are too adorable to not love them and will definitely make for great gifts to cherish. The finished doll size is about 19 cm which is great for a play doll. The Kyoko dolls are for decoration purposes and are great for any doll collection. This is what I always strive to do for most of my patterns and courses, to crochet the doll in one piece or no sew amigurumi patterns.

The first time my plastic doll had her arm pop out while putting on her dress, I freaked out. And just like rag dolls, crochet dolls also make great replacements to avoid these “accidents”. Use this easy pattern to create a wonderful gift for a child who loves mermaids! This free doll pattern uses simple stitches and has hair that can customized to match the person you are gifting it to!

You MAY SELL finished products from this pattern, provided using the hashtag #anan.amilove to credit us as designer. Finally fill the body, legs and arms with polyfill. To do this, first stuff the body through the openings in the arms and legs and then the respective limbs themselves with polyfill. Now push with the crochet hook into the next stitch , tighten the thread and crochet 1 sc.