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Please visit a professional to get them coloured instead of colouring them at home. Since all our extensions are made from 100% human hair you can use heat tools and style them accordingly. Here, Demi Lovato flips the ombré simple thanksgiving hairstyles look on its head with a reverse version featuring gorgeous brown hues. The honey-chestnut roots blend into the rich, dark ends perfectly. If you’re looking to go dark dark, try a rich, deep brown that borders on jet black.

Return requests can be raised on the ‘My Order’ section within 15 days of delivery. Brunette haired Woman Portrait with blue eyes and Healthy Long… Very Long Layered Hair. Yes, this hair length is hard to maintain, wash and style, but if you look at this picture, you know it’s worth it. Long Thick Wavy Hairstyle. Opt for babylights and chop some thick bangs for a French glammy look.

Create a fairytale princess look with a layered, wavy haircut for your long locks. You’ll get an elegant and natural style in a blink of an eye. Textured Bob on Wavy Hair. With all that said, you shouldn’t think that short haircuts for wavy hair are the no-go area. This short chunky bob has much weight removed while the longer front makes the hair even more manageable.

Portrait of an attractive female posing at studio. Closeup face of a beautiful girl with makeup smoky eyes. A blunt bob is known for its straight lines for a clean, precise look. For those with natural waves, the hair itself won’t be straight, but it will have a uniform look. “Depending on the density of the hair, a blunt bob can enhance wavy hair if it’s on the finer side,” says Shelly Aguirre, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. It’s also a great, face-framing hairstyle for round faces.

It’s so worth the money…. Matched my hair perfectly….❤️ Super easy to clip in and blends well too. Eva Marcille makes a statement with extra-long box braids in a warm, light-brown hue—but she doesn’t stop there. She adds her own personal spin by styling with some colorful accessories. Talk about putting the “fun” in “funky.” If you want something super natural-looking and warm, hair painting might be for you.

Neck-Length Thick Bob. Play with your favorite color for the highlights and go for a beautiful choppy bob crop. If you are a girl who wants to have perfect hair, you can use a triple barrel iron for your hairstyle. Medium Wavy Hair with Bounce. Long wavy haircuts aren’t always the best choice for ladies with thick manes since the excessive weight may strip even ample locks of their bounce.

Shattered Dimensional Bob. Use a curling iron to make some large curls, and you’ll have an impressive mane. Clip-in Hair extensions don’t damage your hair as long as you grip them well and make sure they aren’t tugging at your hair. Weave hair extension is used in quite some different ways. Sophie Ross has covered beauty and fashion for more than five years. Her writing appears in Refinery29, The Knot, StyleCaster, and more.