Your best chances for a skinny dip in northern Spain are in July and August. You can check out the Vera Playa beach via the webcams scattered across the area on the official website of Vera. The footage is too grainy to deliver any NSFW views, but if you’re planning your ultimate clothing-free vacation, this is a good place to start. The beach includes a designated resort section called the Vera Naturista where people can be in the nude at all times, according to the blog Spain Made Simple.

For a taste of the local cuisine, try El Vaixell restaurant. Nudism is so popular in Vera that there are even nudist urbanisations where there are often people walking around with no clothes on. There is even a nudist hotel on the beach front, theVera Playa Club, the first in Spain offering specialised services for nudists. Its most popular facilities include the pool, where you can take off your swimsuit and relax in the sun without offending anyone.

Playa de La Cantería // Canary Islands MoveinBlue Facing north, Playa de la Cantería is Lanzarote’s most northerly beach and has something of an edge of the world feel to it. Located close to the village of Órzola, it is a beach made of pale yellow sand, although at high tide it can look black because of a ribbon of loose volcanic rocks further back. Playa de Benijo // Canary Islands busbusbus Forming a part of Parque Rural de Anaga, Playa de Benijo lies on Tenerife’s northern coast close to the island’s easternmost point. It runs without break into the neighbouring beach of Playa de Fabin although its widest point sits at the base of the curve of the bay. Sotavento // Canary Islands © Dirk Vorderstraße / CC BY Situated on the “Calma Costa” which runs along the south east coast of Fuerteventura is Sotavento beach.

Access by foot is a little bit complicated but it is worth it to enjoy its beauty and peacefulness. Casas Vera Naturista rents out several houses in the middle of the naturist zone of Vera Playa. All houses are fully equipped and have wifi, airco and satellite TV.

The best advice is to always stay away from protests because you never know when things might turn bad. This is probably the most popular scam around the world. When you receive a voucher for a restaurant, always ask if it’s valid before ordering anything. All restaurants need to have their prices on display by law, so dry region covering most of botswana don’t be afraid to ask the price for a certain dish before ordering. Although the Spanish are mostly very relaxed people, some of them tend to change as soon as they see a steering wheel and suddenly think that they’ve entered some kind of race. If they’re driving too fast, slow down a bit so they can overtake you.

The green of the cane fields are now swapped out for the turquoise blue waters. Getting to the Cíes Islands is easy, since there are ferry daily from the towns of Vigo and Cangas in the province of Pontevedra, during the high season. Of course, if you want to stay at the campsite, you have to book in advance, since in summer it takes up very quickly. But you can always spend the whole day on the beaches, visiting Figueiras, where you can freely practice nudism. Cavallet beach in Ibiza, long and narrow strip of white sand that contrasts with the endless turquoise and crystal clear waters. Getting to this paradise is easy since you can access it by car or by bus.

Known for its designer boutiques, you’ll have to be content with a designer towel on your holiday to Marbella, as you mingle with the young and fashionable crowd. As you go southeast on the beach, you’ll encounter more of a nudist and textile mix. Walk farther still and you’ll encounter a population increase at the extreme southeastern end of the beach, where this placemark is pinpointed. Set at the northern end of the Dead Sea, Neve Midbar is a small, private resort with a section of the shoreline set aside for bare beachgoers. Non residents can stay overnight at the naturist hotel, camp ground or rental units.

Vera Playa is part of the naturist village which receives thousands of naturists every year. The sandy beach is large but does get busy during high season. A small cove with a pebble beach and crystal clear water. Some parts of the beach tend to get busy while further parts always have lots of space.

Like many out-of-town nude beaches, this one has no services or amenities. However, it does offer heaps of tranquility, as well as peace and quiet, garnished with the deep blue clear waters. Torimbia, a naturist beach of fine white sand and crystal clear waters, of course, cold! You can only arrive by a trail, but don’t worry, it is very easy. As it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias it is also frequented by non-nudists.