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A good curl cream for wavy hair will coat your strands with a thin film that smooths cuticles and prevents hair from tangling. The new, even surface, will allow locks to move past each other while maintaining use me hair wave + curl their definition. Instead of rubbing your hair dry with a terrycloth towel, use a soft cotton towel to pat or scrunch it dry. This prevents wavy hair from getting damaged, frizzy, or tangled.

To protect your curls, use a shampoo to cleanse your hair and then detangle and nourish curls with a curl-defining conditioner. The first thing you want to keep in mind when buying products for wavy hair is knowing your hair texture. Curly hair is often dry, so it’s a good idea to look for styling products that pack a moisturizing punch, like this curl cream.

Maloney recommends starting with less product and then continuing to add more. “The more coarse and thick the hair is, the more you should opt for the stronger curl cream or heavier hair oils,” she says. When looking for a shampoo or conditioner, if you have fine wavy hair, you’ll want to look for a volumizing shampoo and a hydrating conditioner, according to Rago. “If you have thick wavy hair, you’ll want an extra moisturizing shampoo and a hydrating conditioner,” she says.

The tighter the braids, the wavier your hair will be. 3) DO NOT use if hair has been previously treated (i.e. blown dry, hot-picked, braided, pressed, curled, relaxed or curly permed, or any other treatment that would alter the natural curl formation. Use a microfiber towel to avoid frizz and soak up extra moisture.

Use a blowdryer and a round brush to enhance your wave structure. 5) Spray a small amount of S-Curl “NO DRIP” Activator and Moisturizer on scalp and gently massage through hair. 3) Rinse the S-Curl Crème thoroughly from the hair with water as warm as the patron can stand.

Personally, I like to use this product as a leave-in smoothing treatment, but I use a small amount because the product is thick and concentrated. The one downside with this pick is that it’s pricey, but, considering the bottle is so large, it will last you a long, long time. Hair ingredients that will help you create and maintain touchably soft, hydrated tresses. By combining lab innovation, natural ingredients, and proven performance, Prose delivers you truly personal haircare.