Potatoes in Socks: Eating Potatoes May Be a Better Cold Remedy

It lowers the body temperature and also has properties that help improve digestion by fighting parasites and other bacteria. In the case of a fever, we recommend a blend of yarrow, mint, and elderberry. Lots of people turn to different types of medications to lower their temperature when they have a fever. But excessive consumption of these drugs can have serious side effects on your health, some of which can happen instantly. Hot tea helps to thin mucus and ensure proper hydration of the body. Green and black teas are filled with flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants.

Two ‘miracle cures’ have grown so popular, they’ve yielded a harvest of testimonials and how-to videos on YouTube and Facebook. According to Hills, potatoes have long been believed to have anti-toxicity properties that can kill bacteria and viruses. It is not just Debbie who touts the effectivity of this home remedy. Medical researcher Jenny Hills also sings its praises in an article on Healthy and Natural World. As always, care must be taken when consulting Dr. Internet or seeking the help of well-meaning mummies online. It is, however, interesting to know how even the most unusual remedies have seemingly worked.

A fever is something that usually causes alarm, particularly when it happens in young children who are experiencing other health problems. Fever is more common among children than adults because their immune systems are still developing, and they don’t respond as quickly to infections as they do once they reach adulthood. So here are some home remedies you can use when you have a fever.

Different types of food can combat different types of illness. A person with a sore throat may benefit from foods that would not help someone who feels nauseous. Despite the TikTok connection, this is not a new remedy but an old wives’ tale stemming back to the middle ages when many people believed it could help protect you from bubonic plague.

Also, to be clear, the post has nothing to do with neither homeopathy nor herbal medicine! Also, there are studies behind herbal medicine, in case someone thinks it’s nonsense or unproven, many are ongoing to try to find substances in local plants. They made the discovery that a chemical found in potatoes did just that — it stopped germs from colonizing cells and spreading disease. The extract prevented the bacteria that are ordinarily present in the mouth and are linked to tooth decay from attaching themselves to the surfaces of the teeth. ‘My fiance’s mom uses socks soaked in vinegar to get rid of a fever. She always gets mad when I tell her the only thing it got rid of was pleasant smells,’ wrote one.

The woman has since deleted her tweet, likely because of the ridicule she faced online — but not before a Redditor shared a screengrab of it. Healthline has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. Keep reading to learn more about this anecdotal remedy, and how you can put potatoes to better use.

Though fatalities from solanine poisoning are rare, there have been several notable cases of human solanine poisonings. Between 1865 and 1983, there were around 2000 documented human cases of solanine poisoning, with most recovering fully and 30 deaths. Because the symptoms are similar to those of food poisoning, it is possible that there are many undiagnosed cases of solanine toxicity. High concentrations of solanine are necessary to cause death to mammals.

And spinach gives you beta carotene, vitamin C, folic acid, and magnesium. To thoroughly clean the boil, use antibacterial soap and water. If your potato has not already boiled, cut it into thin slices and apply to it. If the area dog swollen face home treatment is in an awkward location, grate a raw potato to get the nutrients you require. Aside from the alcohol, I do believe that the old-world cures our grandparents and great-grandparents swore by are probably still the best way to go.

A person should start slowly, sipping water regularly for the first few hours, before gently introducing other liquids, such as apple juice or broth. Crystallized ginger should be eaten in moderation, due to its high sugar content. Adding ground turmeric to a cup of hot water may help to relieve a sore throat.