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The Garbage Guard’s active ingredient is dichlorvos, which, like any insecticide, should be handled with care. The instructions note that the Garbage Guard should not be used turbo hockey air hockey table “in areas where people will be for an extended period of time,” so don’t put it in your kitchen trash can . The Garbage Guard should also be kept away from kids and pets.

The fly swatter’s strength is a big part of its effectiveness. It is about the size of a pen tip, and it is about as effective as a light weight plastic tube filled with bug spray. The problem is that you have to be careful where you place it in your home.

The upper diameter of the tapered neck 23 should generally match that of the outer diameter of the flared neck 12 to provide a seamless connection when the head 20 is affixed to the handle 15. The swatting head 20 is substantially removably attached thereto the elongate handle 15 at the proximal end. 3 a and 3 b illustrate the head portion 20 of the system 10, which is shaped and sized in a generally trapezoidal structure typical to that seen in conventional fly swatter heads. Formed across the bottom of the head 20, beneath the mesh grid pattern 22, is a reinforcing solid portion 14, providing weight, strength, and striking balance for the head 20. No. 5,207,018 issued in the name of Reaver et al. discloses a hand-held fly swatter with a transparent rigid housing on a distal end of a handle and defining a trap to capture live insects for subsequent disposal. The Reaver et al. device also does not utilize a stack of adhesive sheets to collect struck insects either on a planar surface or during the act of flight.

The present invention describes a system and method that discloses an improvement over the conventional fly swatter. The elongate handle portion 15 is envisioned to be fabricated of plastic in an injection molding process or made of metallic wire in a bending and forming process. The swatter head 20 of the system 10 is envisioned to be fabricated of plastic in an injection molding process. It is a benefit of the present invention 10 to enable the user to collect and dispose of swatted insects and debris in a sanitary method.

There were times when we could kill a fly in a single shot, but it often took two and sometimes three shots. Hornets and wasps typically took five or six shots to kill. The Bug-A-Salt is also for outdoor use only—we tested it indoors and salt just ends up everywhere. It’s good for a laugh or for sitting on a deck and picking off any flies that land on the railing, but beyond that, we’ll pass.

The preferred embodiment of the present invention can be utilized by the common user in a simple and effortless manner with little or no training. After initial purchase or acquisition of the system 10, it would be configured as indicated in FIGS. If you prefer to make your payment later, please select Check when ordering online. We’ll get started on your order and let you know what type of payment arrangements are necessary to proceed. We typically need a credit card on file or payment in advance for first time customers. Your sales representative will email your proof or any questions about your request, shortly.

We opted not to test any fly ribbons, such as the Pic FR10B Fly Ribbon, the Terro T518 Fly Magnet, or the Big Devil Fly Catcher. We’ve used enough of these in the past to conclude that there is very little difference from brand to brand. Every one we’ve used has been an effective, yet ugly, weapon in our annual fight against houseflies. If you’re really infested, they can be a good option, but you’ve got to look at them.