Prose Custom Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Similarly, minerals and chemicals in my water can turn my hair green, yellow… The list goes on and on. So in addition to my obsession with shower filters, I’m a stickler for only using 100% clear hair oils. There are quite a few that pass the test, but this moringa oil–spiked one from Verb gives me the softest, shiniest, and smoothest results. I’m not too picky when it comes to conditioner, but I knew that I needed one that would provide enough moisture and body to my hair while not weighing it down. I do love an after-shower product though, so I was excited to see that Prose recommended I try their leave-in conditioner with a heat protectant up to 450 (!) F.

I’ve never given my hair so much TLC, probably because I barely had to lift a finger to make it happen, and for that, I’ll recommend this solution to anyone looking to up their hair game. I think the system working together has done wonders for my hair over the past few weeks. It’s definitely more shiny and voluminous and, with the use of the purple conditioner, a lot less brassy . Immediately, I noticed that my hair was less greasy on day two, so I started to push my wash days off to day three.

I love knowing that the products I’m using are made just for me. While I consider myself an expert on my hair, I love that Prose offers so many resources for my hair and the ingredients in my products—it’s like an entirely fresh start for my hair journey. As for the results—which is what we all really want to know about—they speak for themselves.

It took the Prose R&D team more than eight months to develop a curl cream that was truly flexible on all hair types and densities. There has never been just one curl cream that addressed all styling concerns no matter the hair type. Looking for a way to take your curly girl routine to the next level? Even if you’re happy with your staples, Prose dust on hairbrush offers a number of products that you can incorporate into your pre-existing hair regimen. Whether you have 2b waves or tight 4c coils, the Custom Curl Cream helps define your natural texture. You can also use it to make your twist-outs, Flexi rod sets, and Bantu knots come out with perfect, frizz-free defined waves, coils, curls, and kinks.

As a natural girl, I know my hair is moisturized post-washday when my curls are defined without any additional product. Curl Cream – It’s a weightless styling cream, defines your natural texture—from waves to curls and coils—while keeping strands hydrated and frizz-free. After my Prose products arrived, the difference was immediate.

But that’s essentially the whole deal with Prose — it’s a brand that takes all your unique and personal hair factors and concocts formulas to specifically address the hair goals you might have. So, for the purpose of this story, I’ll look at how well Prose has worked in addressing my three current hair goals. Each Prose customer’s unique formula and routine is built not only from their specific hair type but also what results they want.