PSAT Test-Taking Strategies: Top 3 Tips

Critics of standardized tests correctly assert that even the best built tests are imperfect and incomplete. However, high stakes tests like the SAT and ACT have remained credible because they have traditionally produced consistent results. That is, because very large testing pools don’t change much from one year to the next, a well constructed test should yield fairly similar results each time it is offered. The exact level of difficulty of any given test form will vary slightly, but that’s where scaling is used to bring scores into alignment. The PSAT helps students identify their strengths and create SAT study plans. Students can use College Board’s free SAT practice site, created in partnership with Khan Academy, to see a personalized SAT preparation plan based on their PSAT scores.

Just another data point to confirm your assessment above – My son got 1 question incorrect in Writing and got all questions correct in Reading and Math – his score is 226. Scores on Reading and Writing are reported on a scale of 8–38. They are added together and multiplied by 10 to produce an ERW score. For example, a 35 Reading and 34 Writing produces a 690 ERW score.

We’ve been taught that the SAT and ACT are either “intelligence tests” or direct reflections of your performance at school. They have nothing to do with your IQ, and almost nothing to do with what you learn at school. But because we believe both of these things, and that these tests are reflections of your innate ability, we believe that students can’t study. We created this guide to help you understand everything there is to know about PSAT scoring, from how raw scores translate into scaled scores to how many questions you can afford to miss on test day. I am happy to see that the trend wasn’t just my imagination!

Moreover, the cohort of PSAT takers is stable from year to year. On the SAT, on the other hand, the normal variation in student behavior can mask test construction problems. College Board should have a transparent audit weight loss nexplanon process and report card for both the PSAT and SAT to demonstrate its commitment to accurate reporting of student scores. Changes in average scores are less volatile than score changes at a specific portion of the scale.

Although PSAT score reports appear to be fairly straightforward, those few pages of statistics can hide a great deal of information about your child’s academic potential. For a limited time only, bring your child’s PSAT score report to a local C2 Education center, and we’ll help you interpret the results so that you have a clearer picture of where your child stands. Official practice tests are the best to use because you can be sure they are an accurate representation of the actual SAT, so use these tests wisely! Space them out over your study period and take them under conditions as close to the real test as possible. That means taking a complete test in one sitting and with the same timing the real SAT has.