Re: John Kuczwanski, 52, Florida dumbfuck

When Trump was elected, it brought out all of the hateful old white men who have allowed their brains to be pickled with right wing hate. This guy did what he needed to do to protect himself from someone who was assaulting him in a threatening manner. It’s the 2nd time for this clown and he got what he deserved. Enough of the BS that it’s all liberals when actual records prove otherwise. Covid center of the world – because of your great guy Rhonda Santis. Poor excuse of a human being if ever there was one.

And yet countries with far more restrictive gun laws, far fewer guns, and far more stringent purchasing requirements generally have far fewer firearm related incidents. Kuczwanski was sentenced to probation with the stipulation that he not be arrested or possess any weapons. His probation was completed in February 2018. According to the Tampa Bay Times, John Kuczwanski, who was the director of external affairs for Florida’s State Board of Administration, was killed in a shooting outside a convenience store last Thursday. The first and only time a bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good guy with a gun. First of all, just because he was a Republican doesn’t mean his politics had anything to do with this incident.

No shootings is what’s happening mate. The phony “conservatives” are a hateful bunch. Real conservatives died off a few years ago. Of course none of those “groups” are actual organizations. Unlike the OathBreakers arrested yesterday for sedition.

Kuczwanski’s last social media post on Twitter was Dec. 9, 2021, where he wrote about entering a raffle in the hopes of winning a new gun. These comments were made in a thread posted by Florida Politics publishers Peter Schorschwho announced the death of Kuczwanski. Sounds like he was a real piece of shit. The article even goes into detail about the family he left behind and his degrees and position in society, but lightly glossed over attempted murder.

The driver, who was not injured, had a license to carry a concealed firearm, police said. As seen on video, he attempted to stab McLymore with a box cutter, allegedly tearing a small hole in McLymore’s phone case. The lieutenant said he filed a report instead of personally exercising police action because he wanted to keep his son away from anymore trauma. It sounds exactly like two incidents of road rage to me. If the victim was BLAAAACK, and shooter white/BLAAACK nary a reply would be written with the exception of the troll/tick/fleas which would claim this is a race baiting thread.

On the other end a shitty BMW driver, so that keeps with stereotypes. Police as we see who are trained and practice and fit this bill fuck up all the time as we understand especially napa yoga studio in the news. The driver of the Prius was said to have taken cover, anticipating Kuczwanski to return fire, which he didn’t for what turned out to be obvious reasons.