Schwarzkopf Poly Color 87 Red Black

Initially, burgundy hue was considered a perfect brown hair shade for real brunettes. These days, even some blondes dare venom 2 digital to go that bright and eye-popping. They wash out after 24 shampoos, so you won’t get bored with your flashy ends.

Intense red hair color is just that—a bright, intense, true red shade. A million paparazzi grabbed photos of Rihanna when she sported intense red hair in 2012. It was striking with her brown eyes and deep golden complexion; try it also if you have an olive complexion.

Stephanie Brown, master colorist at IGK SoHo, explains that oxidation causes hair to turn brassy, and heat is one of many factors that can cause oxidation to occur. This is why Brown suggests only heat-styling your hair when necessary and using a heat protectant when you do. If you want your colour to look bright and glossy then we recommend using a good heat protector every time you heat style your hair.

The highlights add just a pop of colour to dark hair and looks so damn cool. This works well for anyone with a warm, peachy skin tone and looks so damn gorgeous. Not only does it perfectly complement her skin tone, but it also does her curls justice. While pastel, cotton-candy hair is all the rage right now, don’t underestimate the power of classy dark burgundy hair. When layered and styled to perfection, it is just as bold and just as eye-catching.

With quality hair extensions becoming ever more accessible, experienced hairdressers can now create custom colour blends to suit your desired look. And we’re not just talking about natural looking colours any more. If you’re looking for a more subtle wash of colour, rather than a bold colour, a tint could be your first port of call. Even without the challenges of inherently stubborn or damaged hair, there’s still the matter of depositing a visible colour into the hair.