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Cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, and maternal causes. DictionaryLook up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations.

The directors may from time to time pay to the members such interim dividends as appear to the directors to be justified by the profits of the company. The directors shall cause proper books of account to be kept with respect to all sums of money received and expended by the company and the matter in respect of which the receipt and expenditure takes place; all sales and purchases of goods by the company; and the assets and liabilities of the company. A committee may elect a chairman of its meetings; if so such chairman is elected, or if at any meeting the chairman is not present within 5 minutes after the time appointment color blind test instagram for holding the same, the members present may choose one of their number to be chairman of the meeting. The directors may, in the resolution appointing an agent to authorise the agent to appoint one or more substitutes or delegates to exercise some or all the powers of the agent conferred by section 76 and this regulation. Subject to this regulations, any action that may be taken by members at the meeting of members may be taken by a resolution or 75 percent resolution of members consented to in writing or by telex, telegram, cable or other written electronic communication without the need for any notice.

The One Thousand and One Nights collection includes several tales featuring “sea people”, such as “Jullanâr the Sea-born and Her Son King Badr Bâsim of Persia”. Unlike depictions of mermaids in other mythologies, these are anatomically identical to land-bound humans, differing only in their ability to breathe and live underwater. They can interbreed with land humans, and the children of such unions have the ability to live underwater. In the tale “Abdullah the Fisherman and Abdullah the Merman”, the protagonist Abdullah the Fisherman gains the ability to breathe underwater and discovers an underwater society that is portrayed as an inverted reflection of society on land. The underwater society follows a form of primitive communism where concepts like money and clothing do not exist. In “The Adventures of Bulukiya”, the protagonist Bulukiya’s quest for the herb of immortality leads him to explore the seas, where he encounters societies of mermaids.

• When adjusting the angle of the seatback, keep your back or hand pressed against it. Otherwise, the seatback could suddenly return to its original position and injure you by hitting your face or other body. On having been fulfilled the previous, we are in position to solve the controversy. Fire engine to cover service against fire of urban type. Of agile displacement and robust construction, from 2500 to 3000 liters of water will be provided and will have a capacity for 6 firemen including the driver, it will have to support accommodation for specific material. The persons feel more confident and more secure on using their own language in any process of comprehension or expression.

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