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Stones from the same mine that are white, with no trace of blue or green color, are called White Buffalo Stone because the white buffalo is a very rare and sacred buffalo. Crow Springs Turquoise Mine is located near Tonopah, Nevada. It is only about 30 miles from the more famous Royston Mine. Crow Springs is known for stone having light green color with a bright red matrix .

Explore NOVICA’s unique collection of Sterling Silver Jewelry from Mexico. From Aztec-inspired designs to contemporary Taxco statement pieces, you’ll discover necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that showcase Mexican silversmithing traditions. Sleeping Beauty Uniform blue turquoise that is easily matched and cut. Often clear but sometimes with white matrix that is dyed black.

It is known for its extreme hardness and a distinct spiderweb matrix ranging from golden brown to black. The turquoise color range includes dark to light blue, green and blue-green. Sunnyside turquoise was mined mostly in the 1970’s and has since been closed, so the only specimans available are from old stashes, which makes it more valuable. Sierra Nevada Turquoise is mined in the the Candelaria hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Tonopah, Nevada, not far from the Royston and Candelaria turquoise mines.

Peter Sonea Hi Geseell your jewelry is amazing and such quality your communication shipping everything is perfect your store is a must thank you!!!!!! Blue Ridge Also called the Orvil Jack Mine after the miner who discovered and developed it. At first Jack mined only for the bright blue turquoise and discarded the green stones. Now the yellow-green turquoise is quite rare and consequently very collectible.

Sierra Nevada Turquoise is found in a wide variety of colors from brilliant light blues, to mixed blues to vibrant dark green. Matrix colors include brown, gold and black with patterns ranging from fine lines to thick lines and including irregular patches. Lander Blue turquoise is known for high quality medium to deep blue color with black spiderweb matrix.

China Mountain Turquoise [Dragon Skin – Blue Ridge, Cloud Mountain, Emperor’s Turquoise], as its name implies, comes from China. Like mines in other parts of the world, including the USA, mines in China produce turquoise of varying quality and in a wide variety of color and matrix variations. Turquoise from China is usually stabilized to harden and seal it. This makes the turquoise more durable and minimizes absorbtion of body oils and other substances that might change the color of the stone over time.

Number Eight Exceptional spiderweb turquoise ranging in color from light blue, to blue and green to deep blue. The matrix is black, brown, reddish or golden with the black and red spiderwebbing being the most prized. With the matrix ranging from golden brown michael kors jewellery sale to almost black, but a deep golden webbing is most characteristic. The mine began in 1929 and has produced some of the largest turquoise nuggets ever found. Sunnyside mine in northeast Nevada has produced some of the finest turquoise to be found anywhere.

Some stones called New Landers or Royal Web are predominantly black speckled with bright blue. Other stones called Yellow Web are black mottled with brown. Kingman Mine, located in Mohave County, Arizona, has been operated by the Colbaugh family since the 1970’s.