Now that we have a basic understanding of strings in C++ let us go through the different ways of defining a string in C++. We will understand how to take string inputs from the users. Thus, in this article, we have understood the various techniques to concatenate strings in the C++ language. The strcat() method is used to concatenate strings in C++. C++ ‘+’ operator can be used to concatenate two strings easily. Let’s see two examples to print a string, one without and the other with for loop.

This function helps us save memory if we are sure that no additional characters are required. Combining two or more strings to form a resultant string realistic bloxburg homes is called the concatenation of strings. If we wish to concatenate two or more strings, C++ provides us the functionality to do the same.

Further, we have traversed through the string of x char array till the pointer variable p points to the index of the last character of x. Same as 2 D array of integers and other data types, we have 2 D array of characters also. Note that in the above example, we gave array size to s1 because we are adding the characters of another string to it. The array size given should be such that it is greater than or equal to the size of the string array after concatenation. Cin.getline(name, sizeof); – cin.getline takes two arguments, the string variable and the size of that variable.

As a next step, we have declared and initialized a string. Then, we gained access to every character of the string in reverse order by writing a negative sign which indicates them from last to second to last, and so on. C++ defines a way to use string objects for holding strings, i.e, we use string data type for creating strings. Npos can be added to this iterator to point to the last element of the range. The last element or last character of the range is not part of the substring.

Function is used to push characters at the end of a string. After the character is added, the size of the string increases by 1. It concatenates the second array to the end of the first array. To counter this limitation of the extraction operator, we can specify the maximum number of characters to read from the user’s input using the cin.get() function. The strcat() function takes char array as input and then concatenates the input values passed to the function. We can perform different kinds of string functions like joining of 2 strings, comparing one string with another or finding the length of the string.

This is similar to thegetline function for c-strings, but the syntax is a little different. The string class stores the characters of a string as a collection of bytes in contiguous memory locations. Strings are most commonly used in the programs where we need to work with texts.