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  • India’s No 1 Bicycle Store Shop Online

    YouTube is now one of the best tools available to learn what goes into building a bike. There are countless Vloggers now who record and stream the complete process of assembling their own builds so you can watch along and learn. PArts compatibility is another concern, but if you have the will to do the […]

  • Custom Wooden Driveway Gates

    Great design for a home that is located on a busy street and both privacy and security are essential. The recycled lumber from pallets is free and easy to obtain, plus the boards are just about the perfect size for this building project. The curved top and wooden slat middle make this an attractive addition […]

  • 16 DIY Driveway Gates Ideas That Are Easy to Install

    This is especially important for ‘treated’ posts that have been bundled (unbundle, separate posts and allow to dry and wait to see if they will remain straight -proving). One doesn’t want to come back and find that a post has warped after a week or so. You can make this metal gate for your driveway […]

  • PaintYourLife Custom hand-painted portraits

    My sisters and I purchased a painting of our mother and her dog. Using several reference photos, the Paint Your Life team created a beautiful portrait of the two of them, side by side, both wearing flower crowns and we could not be more happy with the result! It was easy to ask for alterations […]

  • 10 things no one tells you about tipping in the US GO Blog EF GO Blog

    Hurricane Maria is always a topic of conversation when speaking about Puerto Rico. While Puerto Rico is still recovering from the aftermath of the storm, tourism is booming across the island. All main attractions at this point are open and ready to go! Here is some practical information to know before visiting. A tip of […]