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  • Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free Options Gluten Free Menu 2023

    The types of bread offered at Jersey Mike’s are white and wheat. Both of these breads come with a different type of gluten free bun. Additionally, some locations may offer other specialty bread options such as French rolls or Italian subs. It is important to note that while some ingredients may be naturally gluten free, […]

  • How to Find Keto Tea for Your Keto Diet

    Highly allergic to both, cannot have coconut at all. Hi Murti, I wouldn’t recommend that since the butter and oil will separate from the tea in a matter of hours. You’d need some kind of emulsifier to keep everything blended. To make the bulletproof Keto coffee truly impactful, it should contain C8 and C10 MCT […]

  • Barebells Vegan Protein Bars Launch at Trader Joes Nationwide

    Form day one, our team committed to making delicious foot the right way. Our puropse has always been to ensure that your ALOHA products are as clean and natural as they are delicious. “Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water, therefore it moves through the gastrointestinal tract without changing form, adding bulk, which promotes healthy […]