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  • Beauty Write For Us Guest Post Makeup, Hairstyle, Eye Care, Hair Care

    Our primary aim is to provide the best beauty and fashion information on Beauty Gazelle. The author needs to be careful with the topic selection. We accept submissions with our category-relevant topics only. Try to be specific with the topic and information you are sharing. In case you share any case study or examples in […]

  • French Curl Braids Is The Hybrid Hairstyle Going Viral On TikTok Now

    During the interview process, you can choose to ask them for picture samples of their previous job so that you will have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Working with an experienced stylist ensures that you get the results you want. Ensure that the strands of the braids are adequately cleaned before the […]

  • 11 Tips for Making Your Blowout Hairstyle Last

    To get maximum volume at the roots, mist damp hair with a targeted, root-boosting spray, then flip your head over and direct the blow-dryer nozzle directly at your roots. According to Vaccaro, many people mistakenly start blow drying the back of their head first. It’s better to start at the most visible sections first, and […]